Self-Healing Intensive Program - 30 days - 2016

Self-Healing Intensive Program - 30 days - 2016

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Join Lee-Anne Peters for this self explorative, transformative and rebirthing journey.

Begin anytime.


Program 1 - recorded in May 2016 - 30 days.


If you've been looking for a supportive, intensive, practical and dedicated time of healing for you - this may be just what you've been looking for. Lee-Anne has been actively self-healing for over sixteen years and helping others awaken to their ability to self-heal for over eleven years.


Please note: this program will prompt you to face the depths of who you are. Although Lee-Anne is facilitating and personally going through this journey with you, it will be up to you to make time, commit and be active to get the most out of this program.


Even though you will be prompted daily with the program, you can take your time, and you can also return back to continue or repeat the program anytime in the future. With this in mind though, Lee-Anne will be encouraging you to focus on the self-healing content on the days specified.


The Self-Healing Intensive Program includes:

- 30 days of dedication - over 22 days of focus (5 x days focus, 2 x days integration etc see schedule below).

- 22 x new, exclusive and unique healing meditations (mp3 format) to encourage you to motivate, awaken, heal, cleanse, release, balance and much more. Each will be 20-40mins in length, and completely written, spoken and recorded by Lee-Anne. See complete list below.

- Each meditation will be accompanied by an email with the day number (1-30), and also may include Lee-Anne's thoughts, thought-provoking poetry, Healing Energy Card focus, daily challenge details and journal prompting.

- All files and email content can be saved to your device and accessed anytime in the future if / when you want to focus again on a 30 day intensive self-healing time.


Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance since 2005. She is the driving force behind it and her passion, devotion and honesty help make up what Temple of Balance is today. An active self-healer, Lee-Anne has been journeying deeply into how she feels, what she thinks and who she is in life since the year 2000. Lee-Anne works alot with the chakras, colour, sound and art for healing, toning, shamanic drumming, her intuition and her high sensitivity to energy. In April 2016 she was inspired to bring this program to life when she herself sought to get to know herself on deeper levels, to challenge her limitations and stretch further into her life. Lee-Anne chose the month of May 2016 to begin this program with you, as this month includes her 40th ReBirthDay upon which for many years has been a time of serious dedication for her own rebirthing. What better way to tap into that energy and bring it through for you?


Day 1 - cleansing to prepare with shamanic drum
Day 2  - courage to journey inward with chimes
Day 3  - journey along the spiral with wind gong
Day 4 - unzipping & stepping into our vastness
Day 5  - physical releasing & healing
Day 6 & 7 - Integration days
Day 8  - column of light for detaching with wind gong
Day 9  - strengthen voice balanced with power of listening
Day 10 - ancient stone circle
Day 11 - sacred eleven
Day 12 - shadow self uncovering
Day 13 & 14 - Integration days
Day 15 - rising with Phoenix into new views of cycles
Day 16 - walking meditation
Day 17 - inner decluttering
Day 18 - writing a letter of kindness to yourself
Day 19 - expansion - intergalactic travel
Day 20 & 21 - Integration days
Day 22 - shamanic journey with owl - to challenge self
Day 23 - how can I support myself better?
Day 24 - mental purging
Day 25 - journey with bear
Day 26 - activating the kundalini
Day 27 & 28 - Integration days
Day 29 - embodying whale
Day 30 - the next step

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What happens next?

After your purchase has been made, you will be emailed a confirmation email. Within 48hrs you will be forwarded a text document / .pdf with all active day emails, with links to download the recording for that day.



As you prepare, or count down the days until the Program begins, you may like to ensure you have a blank exercise book ready or your own journal if you actively use one. Lee-Anne will be working with her Healing Energy Cards as a support on this intensive journey - so you may like to have your deck handy too. Be cautious of over-commiting during this coming month of self-healing. You wont need to put obligations on hold (you can work around them), however, just be mindful that this is a month where you will dedicate as much time as possible to you.


How much time will you need to put aside? About an hour per day (for the 5 day blocks) may be sufficient, or a little longer if available and desired.

Other questions? Please email them anytime. CONTACT


The time has come,
to explore the roots,
of moments left behind.
This time brings forth,
the strumming of cords,
and a heart which bursts open wide.

The veil uncovers,
this moment ripe,
for a new dawn to arise.

The shadows run,
there is nowhere to hide,
when the light reveals their truth.

So stand up tall,
dance with the shadows,
explore those moments deep.

Summon all parts,
sing them into form,
breathe with the fullness of life.

It's time to deepen,
the sound of the inner harp,
to strum in joyous song.

The time has come,
to sink deep within,
and explore how far we stretch...

Then stretch further...

I'm inspired beyond measure to deepen my personal and professional exploration. To stretch and test myself, to travel further inward, to discover more about myself and to test the boundaries. I want to deepen my creative activities, to move to new depths with my music, to embrace nature, to become more of who I am.

Will you join me?

~ Lee-Anne Peters - 22 April 2016



K. Veness from VIC - May 2016 - "I would LOVE if it continued! :) I think this is definitely the most rapid spiritual progress I've ever had, I will definitely commit to another one if you decide to offer another dedicated intensive healing program in the future. I will miss this program, but I feel blessed to know I can go back and listen to the recordings again. Super excited about the little hand made journal that came from this, lots of revelations, surprises, a-ha moments, powerful journeys written like chicken scrawl the downloads came so fast, drawings, and synchronicity moments, it's been a work of love."