Message for March - sent with LOVE

March Greetings!

What a year it’s been already - I trust you’re travelling through it well and keeping your balance as best as you can. If you are struggling today I trust you find some comfort from these words of LOVE to you.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you may find inspiration from this weekend’s video guidance I shared earlier from the beach. Here’s the direct link to watch on Facebook or YouTube:

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February certainly has been a month to remember. It was full of change, tough decisions, healing and milestones. We’ve come out the other end now - we’ve survived - even when we didn’t know if we would, and now we put on our beautiful ‘lotus cloak’ and do our best to blossom our way into March.

Speaking of March, I have some cards laid out for the month ahead, so let’s see what is in the cards and the potential energy for the majority of us going forward…

During the first week of March we will have the ability to untie ourselves from barriers, restrictions, fear and parts of our life, and self, which we’ve been holding back. Our wild spirit is calling to be freed, and our serious efforts to do this will help us for the rest of the year.

Week two of March brings endings and beginnings. Some of us may start a new ‘round’ or ‘phase’ of something this week, but also bring something else to an end or put it on hold, for now. Our truth and morals are required to be at the forefront this week - let’s not be anything less than these at all times.

As we approach the third week of March we may find our prayers and requests for help are being answered - there is much ‘relief’ present this week. This sense of relief and being ‘out of the hardest part’ of something we’ve been worried about, will also inspire some of us to amp things up and move to the next level.

This brings us to the last week in March, which signifies a big time of change, especially around our home. Change is in the air, and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Let’s prepare as best as we can with the information we have, and know that our time of waiting will soon be over.

Our theme for March is to consider moving slowly and steadily - a steady and consistent pace may be to our benefit this month. There is also much energy around our mental state - so some of us may feel mentally active - very mentally active this month, and it may be a hindrance, or a great motivation. Much wind is coming in with this mental energy and we can use it to help us clear out unnecessary and negative thoughts, and reaffirm our position, goals and the direction we intend to be moving.

You can stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you every Monday during March. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Member (or Patron) - please see the link below.

Our friends in Melbourne and Hobart we have confirmed your event/s coming up this winter. Melbourne - we’ll see you for my popular ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ coming up on Sat 15th of June. And the following day for the ‘Shamanic Healing Day’. Hobart, the ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ is proceeding, and it will take place on Sat 27th of July. You can book your seat to any of the above events on the link below.

I’d like to extend a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who came to our Tasmania Healing Retreat last month. We had a powerful, life-changing and close time. If you would LOVE to view photos or read my perspective of the experience - you will find the retreat 2019 blog below. Our 2020 Retreat details will be coming soon.

Thank you to all of our March Patrons, I will be in touch over the coming days with the details of your March ‘rewards’ and resources.

I appreciate your interest in my work at Temple of Balance. On the 25th of Feb we celebrated 14 years. It still continues to blow my mind that I’ve been doing this work full time, with your support for that long - wow - thank you!

Happy travelling through March,

I’ll chat with you again soon,

Lee-Anne Peters


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  • Lee-Anne I have been following you for some time now and are one of your top followers. I am in awe of how precise your guidance has been every time I tap into your videos. I am comforted by the sheer spot on cards that you draw and use for the two days at a time. I have decided to write a journal of my journey. The changes have been huge. I have with your help adjusted fairly well and continue to look forward to hearing from and listen to what you have to say. You appeared on my wall many years ago when I was at my lowest. You have continued to guide me and for this I am truly grateful thank you and may you continue the great work you do

    Janet Duff
  • Thank You, Lee-Anne Peters
    All that you share so we can be✨
    🙋🏻☮️🙋🏻 leatrice


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