Message for July - sent with LOVE

It’s July - well almost!

Again I am super in the flow and ready to hit the new month heart on - hence this early message. I trust you’re flowing well and if not I trust you receive something helpful from this message to you.

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June has been a massive month of healing - on physical and energetic levels. Our kundalini activated suddenly presenting strange repeat tests and we explored things we’ve been intrigued by at a deeper and more thorough level than ever before. For the most part we are awakening, remembering and enriching our experience.

I’ve pulled a few cards for July - so let’s look and see what the guidance is (a guide only)…

In the first week of July our patience may be tested as we’re encouraged to stay focused, be patient and persistent. Solutions may present themselves in the wee hours of the night this week.

The second week of July brings strong energy around study, leadership and learning. We may be feeling like we really want our private time this week to mend, heal, reflect and understand our sensitivity.

The third week of the month takes us close to the water element, music and clarity on something we’ve been contemplating. There may be a feeling that we’ve taken the wrong path or gone backwards this week - so let’s ensure we don’t let our lower mind blow things out of proportion.

The last week of July shines with abundance and quite good flow. We may be faced with something fearful though and we’re being encouraged to use the tools and resources we’ve gathered over the years to help ourselves through such times. Healing and transformation is around this week.

Our theme for the month tells us that we will need to be assertive, speak up and take action on things which are important to us. Our authentic self is coming out of hiding a little further through self-acceptance, and recognizing what we’re attached to which is taking our personal power away.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports - coming to you every Monday during July. If you’d LOVE to learn more about becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below.

I have new ceramics and pendants created this month on our site if you’d LOVE to take a peak.


The past few months I’ve selected a personal theme word for that month. It’s been interesting, and many are following along with it on social media. This month I wrote it in a blog article, which you can find linked below.

Our 2019 Tasmania Healing Retreat has some spaces / beds left. If you’d like to spend a full week with us in February for a break, healing and focus, you can learn more or register on the link below.

A couple of days ago I completed my side of my upcoming new oracle cards. Currently we are sourcing out a printer and quote, and in the coming 1-3 weeks pre orders will be open.

What a time we are in - such depths, experiences and moments to embrace,

All my LOVE and gratitude,

Lee-Anne Peters


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