Word for June reflection... and July focus revealed.

by Lee-Anne Peters June 29, 2018 2 Comments

My personal word for June has been CREATE. When I decided on this word I impractically pictured myself drawing most days and digging my hands into clay for the majority of the month.
Now, I see how unrealistic these daydreams were. I have other work to do, balance to keep, and a family and body to look after.
When all was said and done, I didn't pick up my pastels once. I did 2 x drum paintings, and week 3 was full of clay making.
So I have learned that the physical creating is not what has been important for June, instead it has been creating and maintaining good health, balance and peace. I have created lots of smiles and beautiful connections this month too.
I think that if I want a month to purely create, I will need to stop all other work for that time, because I cannot physically do both - maybe something to consider sometime.
A day or so ago I stumbled on the word RESISTLESS - I had no idea it existed!!
Usually I select my theme word for the new month based on something propelling and that I have been thinking about or noticed the month lead-up
June has been a big healing month, and I have observed my journey through it becoming easier, and I truly feel its because I am resisting less and flowing more. So to stumble upon a word which is resisting-less thrilled me.I'm doing this...

Definition of resistless:

1 : too strong to be resisted
  • a resistless power
2 : offering no resistance
  • resistless prey
Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/resistless
My aim at this point is to definitely ensure I have zero expectations and anticipations - because I already know through experience that these can naturally block the flow - generating resistance. 
We'll see where this focus takes me.
How I will implement it is to:
  • ponder it as deeply as I can throughout July.
  • write the word at the top of every day's schedule as a reminder.
  • explore its opposite - resistance - further.
  • make time to meditate to explore its feeling to me.
  • each week reflect in my journal how I am traveling with this word.
  • create, celebrate and use my theme word in my everyday language.
  • anything else that inspires me as I flow resistlessly.

Tomorrow is the final day of June here, however I do feel ready to start transitioning into my new focus now (as I've tended to do the past few months). I'm excited to see where this word and my increasing understanding of it can take me.

What are your thoughts? Did you know that RESISTLESS existed? Are you inspired to discover a theme word for your July? If so, what will it be?

You're welcome to use this one too if you're inspired to - or select your own. I'll keep you updated as I'm inspired to throughout July!!

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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Lee-Anne Peters
Lee-Anne Peters


Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, independent author and founder of Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others follow their own passions and to experience real balance in their life. She does this by being a practicing and living example of what she teaches, and encouraging others to discover what works for them. Lee-Anne resides in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and two teenage children.

2 Responses


June 29, 2018

When I first heard you say it; I thought it was just something you created but I knew I was attracted to the potential meaning of it. I’m thrilled to find out it does have a definition & can’t wait to explore its meaning. It will replace the term “non-resistance” for me. My affirmation: What I resist; persists, therefore I need to become resistless in all matters of my forward movement, if I want to manifest the best possible version of Self…Ty you, Leanne….NaMaste 💫🔥✨


June 29, 2018

I majored in English, worked for over a decade in a library, and still did not know this word existed. How unique to know that the action of being in the flow had it’s own perfect description.
Your dedication to information dissemination has prompted me to change tack and document my own journey; with a permanent record of the steps I take I may avoid some of the slip into ego that has led to feeling stagnant. I too shall endeavour to experience a more resistless journey from here on.

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