Being Resistless...

I like to take a little time around mid-month to reflect on how I am going with my word theme focus, and make some adjustments if required.
To help you get up to speed, here is a LINK to my blog article MY WORD REVEALED FOR JULY
Living and being in a resistless flow so far this month has been refreshing. Much has shifted as I practiced serious non-attachment, released things from my life, looked closely at my schedule and how I spent my time, and then took the steps required to implement the changes I needed to make - especially in pulling the reins back on a few demanding things.
Now, in this moment my resistless flow feels simple, somewhat easy and purposeful. I have made hard decisions to clean up parts of my life and schedule these past weeks to get to this point. I removed much of the complexity - which tended to lead to drama or chaos.
My resistless stream is carrying me beautifully into my moments, yet I am staying focused and clear with my intentions to ensure I stay in this flow. It feels a lot like a resistless stream of music. Each note telling a story, capturing a feeling or being a 'stepping stone' on the journey. When the tuning is out, or the 'wrong' note played then harmony is lost.
One of the pieces of music we are playing in our Concert Band at the moment is called - Fate of the Gods - within it are various 'moods' of music to portray the story Steven Reineke wants us to express.
Some moments in the piece are 'mysterioso' - expressing a mysterious phase of the piece. Other times we see 'expressivo' as we, the musicians attempt to deliver an expressive interpretation of the notes we play. Some parts are 'feroce', 'deliberato' and 'appassionato' - fierce, deliberate and passionate.
Because of my deep devotion and attention to the music I play and listen to right now, I am feeling it reflects my resistless journey well. I'm not aimlessly swept away by the stream of my life - out of control. But instead in harmony, deliberate choice and passionate devotion - listening, feeling, expressing and doing my best to stay in harmony.
I am feeling happy with my current direction, exploration and implementation of being RESISTLESS. So in this moment, I will keep going and flowing resistlessly.
How are you going and flowing with your theme focus for July?
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