eBook - Eternal Love

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Eternal Love - A True Story about Twin Flames!
Written by Lee-Anne & Cory Peters
An Empowering eBook where your favourite Twin Flames shared part of their story in reconnection, and they also share some of their feelings, thoughts and knowings about other often asked Twin Flame questions.
A Twin Flame is a part of you; aspects of the same soul which expanded into two aspects to experience MORE, assisting with this soul’s expansion and growth.
Having reconnected via the internet in late 2008, Lee-Anne and Cory worked through separations to come together in the physical 10 weeks later. Now happily married and having lived together for over 7yrs, the connection of Twin Flames is incredible.
Featuring a beautiful connection with Gabriella Hartwell; author of ‘You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching’ please visit her website at http://www.EmergingSoul.com/

Authors: Lee-Anne & Cory Peters
Released: 2011
Weight: Digital
Publisher: Independently - Temple of Balance

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