August 2018 - Self-Healing Intensive Program - 3 weeks

Join Lee-Anne Peters for this self explorative, transformative and rebirthing journey.
Begin anytime, or join Lee-Anne as she connects with the resources as they come in - from Mon 6th Aug until Fri 24th Aug.
I have been feeling the energy building to host another intensive self-healing focus. The idea has been loosely in my heart for some months, and now, just as the lunar eclipse on the 28th of July is happening I have the motivation and inspiration to take action!
I will be personally joining in deeply with this experience - as I do with all that I create. As I push myself further, this will potentially push you further too.
Here’s what I know:
The actual focus of this will start on Monday the 6th of August 2018. We will be focusing weekdays only - as the weekends will be time to digest, integrate, catch up or take a break. Our last day of focus will be Friday the 24th of August. So we’re looking at three weeks with 15 days of consistent healing focus.
I have a bit of a schedule together, however much of what happens and how it happens will be unplanned. I never like to ask others to trust in me, however if you can trust in the process and yourself all will unfold perfectly for your highest truth.
Basically I will work closely with my Healing Energy Cards and my intuition as each day arises.
Each active day of the program you will receive an email from me with our focus, my thoughts, a link to the audio file for the day, an affirmation to work with, the healing energy card details and anything else important to share.
The audio recording will always include an exercise of some kind - meditation style. It will be very much prompted in the moments of connection. These will be from 30-60mins in length.
PROGRAM SCHEDULE (updated often during program):
Day 1 - Mon 6th Aug - preparation and cleansing (rattle) - a resource for the program.
Day 2 - Tues 7th Aug  - breaking through our outer shell (drum)
Day 3 - Wed 8th Aug  - crumbling tower (drum)
Day 4 - Thu 9th Aug - practicing self compassion (large singing bowl)
Day 5 - Fri 10th Aug - surrendering to the moment (bowls & bell)
Day 6 & 7 (Sat 11th & 12th Aug)- Integration days
Day 8 - Mon 13th Aug - snake medicine (drum & rattle)
Day 9 - Tue 14th Aug - sacred healing waters (chimes & horn)
Day 10 - Wed 15th Aug - TBC
Day 11 - Thu 16th Aug - TBC
Day 12 - Fri 17th Aug - TBC
Day 13 & 14 - Sat 18th & 19th Aug - Integration days
Day 15 - Mon 20th Aug - TBC
Day 16 - Tue 21st Aug - TBC
Day 17 - Wed 22nd Aug - TBC
Day 18 - Thu 23rd Aug - TBC
Day 19 - Fri 24th Aug - TBC
NOTE: You do not have to do these as I do them. Please go at your own pace and use the weekends to catch up if / as required. If you end up being a week etc behind me, it won't matter because you will have everything you need from me to continue yourself.
There may be things and times in the program where something seems crazy - as I intend to push myself into new directions and will be being somewhat rebellious to the ‘safe zone’. I may do weird things in the meditation and encourage strange promptings. These all can potentially help us move into new territory we may not have experienced if going for the safe and tried / tested path. So be ready to be confronted and to have your reactions stirred.
Inspired to walk into the unknown with me? Let’s do this!!
What you receive?
  • 15 x days of emails with thoughts, information and an audio recording with meditation or exercise - which supports the theme of the day.
  • 3 weeks of support during this healing time.
  • Access to a private facebook group just for this event.
  • Potentially life-changing insight, energy shifts, realisations, explorations and understandings for you personally.
  • Access to all resources for the rest of your life. You can repeat this program - with all resources continuing to be ongoingly available.
  • Pillar of Light Family will receive a AU11 refund on purchase. Family members only exchange AU88.
  • A welcome email and links will be sent within 48hrs of registering.
What to do to register?
  • If you feel inspired to join me with this, please purchase this program through the webpage here.
  • You can register anytime, but to join for the whole program as it happens, consider joining in before Mon 6 Aug.
  • If you join after the 6th, I will forward all previous emails and audio files, so you can catch up, and be up-to-date.
--Exchange: AU$99 (approx USD$73)
Pillar of Light Family (active): AU$88 - $11 to be refunded after registration. Or contact is privately to register.
    How much time will you need to put aside? I recommend a minimum of an hour per day (for the 5 day blocks) may be sufficient, or a little longer if available and desired.
    Questions? Please make contact to discuss any questions you might have.
    The time has come,
    to explore the roots,
    of moments left behind.
    This time brings forth,
    the strumming of cords,
    and a heart which bursts open wide.
    The veil uncovers,
    this moment ripe,
    for a new dawn to arise.
    The shadows run,
    there is nowhere to hide,
    when the light reveals their truth.
    So stand up tall,
    dance with the shadows,
    explore those moments deep.
    Summon all parts,
    sing them into form,
    breathe with the fullness of life.
    It's time to deepen,
    the sound of the inner harp,
    to hum in joyous song.
    The time has come,
    to sink deep within,
    and explore how far we stretch...
    Then stretch further...
    I'm inspired beyond measure to deepen my personal healing experience - to test myself, to travel further inward, to discover more about myself and to test the boundaries. I want to explore who I am now, understand more about myself, dive into the unknown and reconnect with deeper depths of my truth.
    Will you join me?
    Lee-Anne Peters 28 July 2018



    As you prepare, or count down the days until the Program begins, you may like to ensure you have a blank exercise book ready or your own journal if you actively use one. I will be working with my Healing Energy Cards as a support on this intensive journey - so you may like to have your deck handy too. Be cautious of over-committing to things during this coming time of self-healing. You wont need to put obligations on hold (you can work around them), however, just be mindful that this is a time where you will dedicate as much time as possible to you and your healing.


    FEEDBACK from previous Self-Healing Intensive Programs:

    K. Veness from VIC - May 2016 - "I would LOVE if it continued! :) I think this is definitely the most rapid spiritual progress I've ever had, I will definitely commit to another one if you decide to offer another dedicated intensive healing program in the future. I will miss this program, but I feel blessed to know I can go back and listen to the recordings again. Super excited about the little hand made journal that came from this, lots of revelations, surprises, a-ha moments, powerful journeys written like chicken scrawl the downloads came so fast, drawings, and synchronicity moments, it's been a work of love."


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