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Meditation Download - Bundle #4
Lee-Anne Peters
Includes: 12 x meditations (see list below)
Investment: AU$11.88 (99c x ea)
Over 208 minutes of meditation
Experience great wisdom by connecting with all of these great animals who walk the earth.
All Lee-Anne’s meditations are guided intuitively with no scripting at all.
  1. Stabilising with Elephant - Open your 3rd eye - partially guided - 20m  B
  2.  Meeting with Bear Meditation - Using the Drum - partially guided - 23m40s B
  3. Free spirit with Wolf Meditation - energising and nourishing - 22m37s B
  4.  Increase your motivation with Panther Meditation - 15m B
  5.  Elk Meditation - 14m36s B
  6. Teamwork & getting things done with Ant Meditation - 14m56s B
  7. Tap into your resourcefullness with Buffalo Meditation - 18m10s B
  8. Coyote Meditation (drum) - 14m B
  9.  Pay attention to details with Mouse Meditation -21m14s B
  10. Stork Meditation - Birth of new things (gong) - 17m55s B
  11. Antelope Meditation - direction & adaptibility (drum) - 14m00s B
  12. Goat Meditation - Move to new heights (soft music) - 16m12s B
Please note: number reference is for administration purposes
B = Beginner suitable (and advanced)
A = More suitable for moderately experienced meditators
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