Grounding Meditation Journeys CD

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Meditation CD
Lee-Anne Peters
Includes: 5 x tracks (see list below)
Investment: AU$15 - includes worldwide shipping
This CD contains 5 tracks, all performed personally by me. Track #1 is Inner Self Discovery, and it goes for a total of 11.58. It is partially guided, and helps you connect with a traditional shamanic journey.
Once you are comfortable with that journey or if you have your own way to begin your meditation, then you can move onto tracks #2 and #3. Which I have named Core Balancing Journey (28.34) and Lotus Opening Journey (18.27). Both of these tracks are drumming only. Making them wonderful in having a long journey of up to almost 50 minutes if you wanted to play one after the other.. Because I am a natural healer and this energy comes out in my drum playing, you may also sit with the sound of the drum for some self healing.

Track #4 - Serpent Calling is a 4.29 long shamanic rattling. I just love this track, and it goes perfectly after #2 and #3 to help call your energy back to this dimension. This is also a great track for self healing. The rattle shakes the energies up and also helps call energies into your space.

Mystic Dreaming, which is track #5 (6.29) is a totally guided meditation using the Tibetan Singing Bowl in the background. This meditation / healing was channelled to me at the time of the recording.


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