Healing Marathon - Restoration

Healing Marathon - Restoration

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Join Lee-Anne Peters from Temple of Balance for a deep and intensive Healing Journey (marathon). Recorded over 12hrs on 7th July 2022.
16 x HD videos, plus extra support videos (x 6)
You can focus on your healing time over a day, few days, weeks or months - whatever is convenient to you. The videos are replayable as many times as you want later.
Upon purchase you will receive a link to a private playlist with all of the videos directly accessible to attendees only.
WHAT HAPPENS - actual video content overview:
1. WE'VE STARTED - guide
2. RELEASING - with drum & smudging - resource video
3. RESTORATION DEFINITIONS - exploring the meanings
4. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? - considering deep questions
5. WATERFALL PREP - preparation to go
6. WILL I GET THROUGH? - obstacles
7. TO THE WATERFALL - walking
8. THROAT CLEARING - energy shifts deeply
9. OUR ROOTS ARE STRONG - considering who we are inside us
10. ROOTS - drawing and shifting
11. SOUND BATH - soak it up
12. BELIEFS - beliefs vs truth
13. FORMLESS - formless into form
14. SERIOUS LETTING GO - stopping limiting ourselves
15. CARDS - a reflection of our day and what's next
16. CONCLUSION - reflection on day

Lee-Anne is a powerful intuitive healer and will completely trust in the flow of this event. All that can be said is that it will be powerful, deep, confronting, potentially life-changing, empowering, healing and transformative. Lee-Anne has been actively focused on her self-healing for over 21yrs, and has been doing her healing work with others full-time via Temple of Balance for over 17yrs.
Participate as deeply as you're willing to commit to.

AIM: Lee-Anne's aim is to openly and honestly explore, connect and heal at further depths than ever before. She will do this by fully participating, pushing through resistance and exploring through the tools she knows and allowing new ones to develop if required. Lee-Anne will share this as vulnerably, honestly and candidly as she can.

- Exchange: AU$99 (approx USD$68)

this is a one-off supportive healing experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Recent healing marathon feedback:
M.V. - "incredible. I had broken down last week from my relationship ending and purchased the healing video series wen it popped up. I went to stay at a house retreat and spent three days working through the videos.. taking time to do inspired activities inbetween. The shift I made from completely broken in grief to feeling loved and supported by universe was profound! Thanku for ur work lee-anne"
J.M. - "OH.MY.GODDESS!!!!! That was INSANE!!!!! To think I almost missed out! I was able to follow it ‘liveish’ for most of the day, then other things came up, but I’ve just finished the last video (which I’ve watched twice already, & also loved being able to ‘rewind the tapes’ themselves a lil bit.) I was determined not to sleep until I had finished, so that I could stay as close to the connection as possible. Oh that fire, holding hands with everyone else! So I’m thrilled that I was able to keep up, keep my journal going, keep ‘life stuff’ going and ..... it was simply amazing ..... AND, T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U so very, very much. I just can’t put much into words at the moment about how extremely grateful I am to you Lee-Anne for that mind blowing experience. Gobsmacked!"

B.M. - "Joining the chorus, singing with you, unleashing my unique interpretation, singing out loud during the daylight hours -here in Norways summer days are sooo looong- at this moment inspired by your lyrics-storming."