Healing Guidance - audio recording

Healing Guidance - audio recording

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¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ HEALING GUIDANCE with Lee-Anne Peters

up to 48hrs wait

Lee-Anne has been working with clients for their healing and energy work full time since early 2005 and part time for many years prior as she gained much personal experience.

Being highly sensitive to energy and with acute psychic senses Lee-Anne will tap into your energy using your name and location (provided at checkout). From there Lee-Anne will work efficiently to highlight any areas of blockage, concern or where old energy may be being held. These things 'stand out' to Lee-Anne as she connects with your energy.

From what is revealed, which Lee-Anne will talk through on the audio recording, she will then bring through healing energy to help shift, balance and cleanse your energy field, chakras and system. It's hard to say exactly what will occur, because it depends on your energy at the time.

You may feel energy moving in your body as you listen to your audio recording / healing guidance. This can be a highly energetic experience and can shift things on physical, emotional and mental levels.

Please be aware that this is a 15+ minute recorded service, so whatever is 'loudest' in your energy field will be what stands out to Lee-Anne at the time of connection. If you have a lot of ongoing issues you would like Lee-Anne to help you shift on a very deep and thorough level - please look at her Intuitive Energy Healing service via landline / skype HERE.

This service can be helpful for an energy boost, general clear up or reveal of what may be going on for you. Lee-Anne sees it as a supportive service to perhaps give you a kick start out of something which may have been holding you back, to help you further connect with who you are, to clear your mind thoughts, chakra system and help you align further with your life.

INCLUDES: A 15+ minute audio recording directly from Lee-Anne for you. She will pull 2 x Healing Energy Cards for you to work with if you like, and any assistance she feels appropriate to share based on what she senses - will be shared. This audio recording will be sent to you via email, with a private link to your file on Dropbox or soundcloud for listening or downloading.

EXCHANGE: AUD$62 (approx $39 USD)

LEE-ANNE REQUIRES: ensure your email and full name are correct upon purchase, or contact us immediately. Please DO NOT send questions (see below).

Lee-Anne will be working with her intuition, psychic senses and her Healing Energy Cards for this Healing Guidance

Although currently available, this service will cease as Lee-Anne's workload and schedule demands. She will give at least 3 days notice when this service ends.


I am extremely passionate about self-healing and helping provide tools and insight to inspire others to take charge of how they feel, what they think and what is happening in their life. I have many years, and in fact lifetimes of experience working with the subtle energies, emotions, mind and how we relate to our life. I am also passionate about helping others find their passions and balance in life. Everything I do at Temple of Balance from my art, events, meditation, writings, services etc have an underlying theme of healing. This is who I am - I am a healer - who expresses that helping energy through the many facets of my work here. I have a strong interest in the chakras, shamanic healing, working with colour, spiritual surgery, grounding, balancing, protection, cleansing, connections and sound healing. I look forward to working with you, and helping transform your energy into a happier, more balanced and improved version of itself. I am completely honest in what I share with you and what I sense, and my main objective is to help you as much as I can. Please let me know if you have any questions about this service, with LOVE, Lee-Anne


*** We won't set up a time when your healing will take place. And we can trust it will be at the perfect time. Sometimes people can sense Lee-Anne is connecting with them. The 'when' it happens is not important, it is the time you listen to your audio recording which is.

***PLEASE ensure your email is correct (check your paypal email) upon purchase. Contact us immediately if it is different. CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR YOUR HEALING GUIDANCE.

***IF this is a gift for someone, please contact us with that person's full name and location, along with their correct email address.

***Your Healing Guidance audio file will be forwarded to your email inbox upon completion, and is accessible through Dropbox.

***THERE is no need to send any questions. Lee-Anne can tune into your energy and bring through what you need for your highest good. Questions can block this flow between what you 'want' and what you 'need' - Lee-Anne prefers to focus on what you 'need'.

*** Lee-Anne is NOT medically trained, so will not offer any medical advice.



A. from USA - Jan 2017 - "Thank you so much Lee-Anne. Very beautiful and healing and accurate. I am so grateful for your healing that you provided for me, as I could feel it take place and it was so needed. Bless you. Namaste."

S. from Canada - August 2016 - "Just want to tell you how very much I appreciated the distant healing you sent to me.It helped me tremendously in moving forward. I really didn't know what to expect but you have convinced me that you're the real deal!!"

G. from USA - May 2016 - "Thank you, Lee-Anne, for this reading. You are spot on with your assessment and recommendations, which I am taking to heart."

I. from Ireland - May 2016 - "Amazing healing from you and very timely.... Thanks again Lee-Anne for everything."