eCourse - Psychic & Intuition Development

eCourse - Psychic & Intuition Development

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eCourse - Psychic and Intuition Development
With Lee-Anne Peters
In this eCourse Lee-Anne shares everything she knows with you, to help you not only develop your psychic and intuitive abilities, but to use them practically in your everyday life. Lee-Anne has been living this way personally for two decades and has been helping people through her work at Temple of Balance for almost 15yrs.
* Understanding your psychic skills
* Learn about your intuition
* Activation of your 3rd eye chakra
* Explore chakras and aura
* Aura drawing
* Meditation and mind clearing
* Getting back in charge of your thoughts
* Spiritual teachers
* Signs and synchronicities
* Self-healing
* Understanding your energy
* Balance, grounding and connection
* Card readings
* Ongoing resources you can use infinite times in your future
... and so much more... see below!
SEGMENT 1. Meditation and Mind Calming – You are in Charge!
· Meditation – how simple it really is!
· Using Meditation to work for you
· Getting in charge of your Mind Thoughts
· The importance of Grounding, Balance and Connection.
CONTENT: 1 x 1hr video with 34min guided meditation on mind clearing.
SEGMENT 2. Spiritual Teachers – For Guidance, Protection & Connection!
· What are Spiritual Teachers?
· How can you connect with yours?
· Learn how working with your Spiritual Teachers can help enhance every area of your life.
· Signs and Synchronicities
CONTENT: 2 x videos (total 1hr 10min) with 22min guided meditation on meeting your spirit guides.
SEGMENT 3. Self Healing – Letting go of what’s holding you back!
· Understanding Your Energy
· Your body & Your feeling –Helping you Self Heal
· Balance your mind, body, emotions and spirit!
· Reflections from around us!
· Protection for the empath
· Why is Self-Healing so important?
· Being Real about what’s holding you back
CONTENT: 2 x videos (total 1hr 40min) with 21min guided meditation on self healing.

SEGMENT 4. Psychic Skills – Intuition, Chakras & Senses!
· Aura & Chakras
· Opening your psychic senses!
· Discovering intuition and using it to help you in your life
· Trusting your intuition
· Activating Your 3rd eye chakra!
· Aura drawing
CONTENT: 2 x videos (total 1hr 50min) includes 3rd eye chakra activation.
SEGMENT 5. Psychic Skills – Reading for Self & Others!
· Reading Oracle Cards for guidance
· Bringing your psychic skills into readings
· Understanding self guidance within your readings
· Finding your voice when doing readings
· Reading without cards
· Ethics of being a Psychic Reader
· Reading for others
CONTENT: 2 x videos (total 1hr 30min) with 21min guided meditation on connecting deeper.

Bring your Journal, an open mind and let’s have some FUN!

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Files: Video files are sent via private YouTube Link. Meditations will be downloadable or listenable on Soundcloud. These will be in an email.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to make contact.
C.W. from Africa - 18 Nov 2019 - "This course has been so instructive and I loved part 5 and was totally engrossed in it. I will start from part 1 and work through the programme again. Thank you Lee-Anne for the depth and the knowledge shared."
M.O. from USA - 5 Nov 2019 - "I love the course!!! I'm learning so much which is critical for me at this point of time in my awakening. The knowledge that it imparts to me will serve as my foundation moving forward. Also the fact that I trust you makes your words of wisdom invaluable to me. Thank you."