Crystal - Carnelian and Script Stone hearts

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*Carnelian and Script Stone hearts*


Carnelian: helps nurture and comfort you in your present surroundings. Helps bring acceptance of the cycle of life. Motivates success in business, aids positive life choices. Helps you relax during meditation, protects against rage and resentment.


Script Stone: is found in India and goes by various names. The stunning patterns are caused by bits of fossilised shell. Script stone strengthens your physic gifts, especially clairvoyance. It prompts creativity and sparks the imagination. These energies can improve one’s mood by pushing aside lower thoughts and feelings. Script stone is great for mediation, scrying and doing readings. Meditating with script stone can help bring up past life wisdom for healing and can be useful when trying to access the Akashic Records.


Total Weight: 246g (rounded to 499g to allow for packaging)

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