Crystal - Amethyst Specimen and Red Jasper Slab

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 *Amethyst Specimen and Red Jasper Slab*


Amethyst: is a great all round healing stone. It's a great stone for people new to working with crystals and children. It helps awaken the intuition and spiritual connections, along with trusting in ones' gifts / wisdom. Great for working on opening / strengthening the third eye chakra and useful during meditation. 

Red Jasper: like all jaspers it is a very nurturing and grounding crystal. The energy is quite stabilising, helping break through procrastination and helps with organisational issues (especially within the mind). Red Jasper encourages living in the present, helping one stop worrying about past or future events.


Total Weight: 182g (rounded to 330g to allow for packaging)

Price: $40 AUD (plus shipping - see below):


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