Change your perception 4 pack

Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired?

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

'Temple of Balance the book' is full of practical exercises and tools to help empower you and bring more peace, freedom and balance into your life!

From stay-at-home mum to a well respected visionary artist, healer and teacher, Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance and has been passionately serving our planet and people around the world since 2005.

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Aligning with the Speed of Light: A Guide to Ascension

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

It’s time to get up to Speed; and Align with the Speed of Light! Aligning with the Speed of Light was created to help you get into Absolute Alignment!

Aligning with the Speed of Light is written by Lee-Anne Peters; Visionary Artist, Motivational Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Radio Host and the Author of Temple of Balance the book. Aligning with the Speed of Light is packed to the brim with Truth and Integrity, while magically interwoven with Love. Lee-Anne reminds us that we all have the ability to ascend in this lifetime as she offers practical ways to help you remain centered and balanced during the present time on Earth.

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From Lack to Abundance: Keys to Manifesting Your Success!

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

Come on this practical journey with Lee-Anne, as she shares tips and tools that she has learnt as she moved from bankruptcy to a successful business woman!

Change the way you view abundance and money, and get into alignment with your success. When you are in alignment with your success, you attract more abundance (money, gifts, opportunities etc) than you could ever imagine!

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I Am Shaman: Let go and allow flow

Ascension Mastery Series part 1

Written by Lee-Anne Peters

Believe in your Power, your ability to be it all,
That ability to rise up and dust yourself off after the fall.
Awaken dear shaman, hold that Sacredness within,
As you step into the circle, your shaman journey begins...

Get up-close and personal with Lee-Anne as she is joined by the Shaman, Kakara, and power animals to inspire you on this incredibly healing and empowerful journey- I Am Shaman.

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