DRAWING FOR YOU - Spirit Guide Drawing

Colourful and highly energetic connections with your Spiritual Guides & Teachers!
Includes: Drawing, Info about your guide / drawing and a .pdf doc to help you get the most out of your drawing.
Investment: AU$165 plus shipping (see below)

It's more #drawing for me today! Thought I'd capture a little for you. If you'd like me to do one for you, you can explore my #art services on my site at Www.templeofbalance.com.au - back to it! Sneak peak later of finished piece. Lee-Anne Peters #templeofbalance #psychic #pastel #spirit #spiritual #artist

Posted by Temple of Balance on Wednesday, 2 March 2016
Lee-Anne uses standard art paper and soft pastels for your drawing.
You Receive:
A Full colour 64cm x 51.5cm Using soft pastels, full of colour and love. Included is also 2 pages of typed information about your guide; like their name, nationality and some channelled guidance for you. Also a 4 x page .pdf doc to help you get the most out of your drawing. Each drawing is unique and drawn straight for the person Lee-Anne is connecting with.
Lee-Anne Requires:
Your full name, date of birth, one question and your postal address.
Your drawing will arrive in a postal tube.
One caution: your spirit guide drawing will need to be handled carefully, and may need to be stored in a frame, to avoid smudging.
Our spirit guides want to help us and make them selves known so we realize and understand that we are not and never will be alone. We are always connected to the source, it is just that sometimes we forget, and our guides like to remind us.
To order - purchase on this site here. Orders done via distance. Prices in Australian dollars. Waiting period for drawing is up to 3 weeks.
The latest Feedback:

T. from NSW - March 2016 - "Thank you so very much, she is beautiful. I have watched the video of you drawing her at least a dozen times now. I feel very drawn to her eyes. The pink that stands out is very profound as in November I had a bottle of magenta aura-soma colour explode in my lap during a meditation session. Can't wait to get her here, framed and up on my wall. Thank you again!"

A. from QLD - March 2016 - "Goddess, THANK YOU so much for these AMAZING drawings and for the on-point guidance you have shared.  They will be treasured and can’t wait to connect with them both."

D. from USA - Feb 2016 - "You are one of my favorite creative geniuses on the planet - always thinking of U with the greatest kindness.Thank U for sharing your wonderful gifts."

I. from Ireland - Feb 2016 - "Thank u so much.  I am really quite at a loss as to what to say about the spirit drawings.  They are really quite amazing and the guidance very relevant and spot on.  Thank you so much and I look forward to receiving them."


Multiple items can reduce shipping cost depending on total weight.

This item is under 500g - standard parcel.

Shipping in Australia (domestic) - AU$8.00

Shipping to Asia / New Zealand (airmail) - AU$13.30

Shipping to the USA / Canada (airmail) - AU$14.60

Shipping to the rest of the world (airmail) - AU$19.60

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