Support, self care, letting go, re centring, finding hope. Support and healing time

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  • Good morning Lee-Anne
    I have recently found you and I like very much what you’re about:
    I already have your book I Am Shaman
    And love what you have written:
    I am very much an animal lady and own and operate a full pet business.
    I have ordered your card pack Animal Kingdom
    I can’t wait to receive my gifts
    I do like listening to you reading the cards weekly.
    Today listening to you speaking about moving forward I am doing it now and your reinforcement tells me I’m on the right track.
    It showed me that my support has always been there for everyone else except the support is not coming back to me .
    I know what I’m to do from today onwards is continue to stand in my own power and change what is happening around me from today.
    Thankyou Lee-Anne

    Sylvanna Scott

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