Releasing your Hold - at the beach

My Friday thoughts for this week are around releasing our hold.

Please remember that this is a guide only. You're always encouraged (from me) to trust your body and intuition in regards to what is best for you.


How do you feel after this releasing time?

STAY TUNED... EVERY second week for my Friday Thoughts (video).... premiering on my Temple of Balance facebook page, and also coming to my YouTube channel.

See you again soon,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Thank you Lee-anne. I so needed the beach and to release. I really am so grateful for your sharing of wisdom and it comes with excellent timing around the energy about. Keep doing what your doing because your intuition and expression is spot on for these times we are in. Namaste from my heart to yours. Kind regards Pauline.🕊💞🌻

    Pauline Jones

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