How to cleanse from harmful people?

If we can't distance ourselves from people who are negative or harmful to us, then in the below video I share some thoughts and suggestions on cleansing our energy, but also protecting.

It's Wednesday check in, which also makes it important to check into our surroundings and connections with people to see if they are affecting us in a negative way.

How do you cleanse / protect yourself from negativity?

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Lee-Anne Peters

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  • fantastic video which left me feeling calm and energised. Great advice about toxic people and protection. Weird thing to mention about having a Tasman for protection because this morning while I have been decluttering and cleansing my bedroom I came across a medallion which was giving to me by someone for protection which I had misplaced. I stumbled across it when I really needed it and then in your video you verify that I should carry it …thank you so much :LeeAnne for the advice much appreciated

    Janet Duff

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