Guidance for Wed 31 Oct, Thu 1 and Fri 2 Nov

LIVE video stream on Temple of Balance Facebook page - with Lee-Anne Peters

- manifestation - purpose - solid foundations - alternative options - expanding 'tunnel vision' - opening our radar - boundaries - breaking down defences - be optimistic - singing bell - talk about fear, resistance, letting go - Thanks for watching!

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- Thanks for watching

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  • Hello Lee-Ann ,
    I just finished watching your live video .
    It would not allow me to coment how I wanted to , so when this came up l thaught I would send u an email .
    I found this last Vidio spot on .Just wanted to say I have written everything down for those three days , I can relate to it all . Fear , stops me a lot even sending this email
    That’s silly … right .. I just wanted to say Thank you .

    I hope to catch you live so I can coment as we go . But we will see .
    Enjoy , sending love to you & your family .


    Jens 🦋❤️🙏🏻

    Jens Conti

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