Guidance for Tue 19 and Wed 20 June

LIVE video stream on Temple of Balance Facebook page - with Lee-Anne Peters

- integration - settling - calm - nature - psychic - spiritual devotion - trusting in our intuition - productivity - expanded LOVE - LOVE - Thanks for watching! Patreon support and to potentially connect one on one, please browse - Cheers!

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  • Was walking the path yet not as much now.I still pray for others and do mantras. It’s my yoga. I really enjoyed your readings.

    I left Facebook yet saved LeAnnes web site.

    Christopher Magnusson
  • Lee-Anne
    I found you online on utube a year ago. I have been going through a long term
    Relationship breakup, teenager anger and empty nest loss.
    For whatever reason your readings are right on the mark for me! Sometimes things I think about and need to work kn come up that very day! Or when I need emotional support & spiritual support. I believe my angels are talking to me through you and your intuitive readings.
    I rarely miss a reading and think of you as a good friend although we may never meet. You are very good at what you do and remind me that there is love and light all around. You have helped me more than I can express! Thank you , i am sending my love to you as well.
    -Angela Dunford , Lancaster, Pa Usa


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