Guidance for Mon 18 and Tue 19 Nov

LIVE video stream on Temple of Balance Facebook page - with Lee-Anne Peters

- uncoil - soften hold - let the light come through - walk courageously - one step at a time - feeling lost - getting back on track - securing our boundaries - solo mission - walking through the dark.
Week ahead themes - find a way - carve out a new path - be flexible - new beginnings - taking a risk - following our heart.
Happy travelling my friends - LOVE -

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  • You know when its time to change when its too painful to stay the same.
    This is like the rose tight in a bud then it comes into full blossom reaching its potential.
    One step at a time and not overthinking is so calming and wise, I see you are vulnerable but brave enough to share your wisdom. I thank you Lee-anne from my heart to yours. Bless.

    Pauline Jones

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