Guidance for Fri 29 and Sat 30 Dec

LIVE video stream on Temple of Balance Facebook page - with Lee-Anne Peters -

- self LOVE - look within - confidence in what you have to say - gratitude - counting blessings - passion - dreaming big - heart opening - thanks for watching!


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- Thanks for watching

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  • Hello Leanne,
    I don’t receive your readings until much later than when they apply! Why is this?
    I’ve received this at 10 pm on Saturday 30th!
    I do enjoy your readings..which are reinforcing that I am in a wonderfully spiritual place… there’s no negativity surrounding me, and I feel deeply that I have reached a threshold where I am no longer going to be affected by it.This, of course, means that, like you, I am ready to give rather than receive, and amazing occurrences are happening every day, for which I am so grateful. I feel that I am now in a position to give back. Namaste!


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