Guidance for Fri 11, Sat 12 and Sun 13 May

LIVE video stream on Temple of Balance Facebook page - with Lee-Anne Peters

- protection - guardian - secure our boundaries - stand our ground - new phase - purification - preparation - cleansing - lost - discouraged - off-path - keep perspective - focus - hold position - let go Thanks for watching!

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- Thanks for watching


  • You are amazing!! This was just what I needed to hear.i’ll have you on my mind while I go to thru this, this weekend. Couldn’t have been more right on. I’m so glad I found you, that’s what happens when you ask the universe for help! I’m well satisfied. Love an hugs. 🧡💓🌺

  • Thank you Lee-anne. My Dad died on Mothers Day on the same date 45 yrs ago. On that day he wrote a love letter to Mum thanking her for being Mother to his children. My Mum is 87 this year and we honour her on Sunday and we cherish her every day. So grateful to you for your healing drum and your wisdom. There is 8 of us siblings who learned very young how to be a team and overcome the challenges that life throws us. Mum has been our best supporter and we Love her. To all Mothers out there, counting the women who also mothers other children who have no one. Bless


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