Do I have a meditation ritual?

Tina Bell asked me these questions - which I felt inspired to address in the video below - What is my meditation ritual? Is it just cards, drumming and pottery? What other methods do I enjoy? Do I use sage?

I don't have a meditation ritual - in the video I explain why. I also cover things like feeling, expression, trust... I also pull a card for now.

How do you meditate?

What things discussed in this video stand out as important for you to think about?

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Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Thankyou so much for this video I found it very informative as I used to meditate in bed at night but have been told many many times that it is not a good way to meditate … since then I found it too hard to find a comfortable other way of meditating that I had given up … so thankyou very much Leanne and that healing card resonated with me strongly … Namaste

    Leigh Lee Floyd
  • Dear Lee-anne , Thank you for this video, very helpful to hear your wisdom. I love the way you present and i am grateful for all that you do for your followers. You have taken me into your favourite nature retreats and given me comfort in difficult times with your natural warmth and kind ways. Happy New Year 2020 to you and your family. Namaste dear heart.
    Regards Pauline.

    Pauline Jones

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