What is Temple of Balance?

People often ask me - what is Temple of Balance? - and with that question I stop and feel to the depth or level I want to explain it.
Some people like the simple answer - it is a space I created to help people feel good about themselves and follow their passions in life!!
The deeper truth is that Temple of Balance is a way of life - a way of living!!
Let's look further into this...
TEMPLE to me represents our body, our home, the 'nest' upon which we live, our physical reality.
BALANCE to me represents good flow, joy, contentment and where we dance our inner and outer dance to maintain that equilibrium.
Therefore, Temple of Balance may also simply mean: to find harmony in our body, heart and life.
Temple of Balance is not a physical place you visit to be miraculously balanced - and then you go back home to your everyday life feeling miserable and disconnected.
Temple of Balance is a space to help you discover or remember the tools you can use to help yourself, your life and your daily reality feel more harmonious, content and loving.
How we all find that though is personal - there is no set script, steps or rules to follow - so it is essential that we learn about who we are along the way.
Working out:
- our likes, as well as our dislikes
- what knocks us off balance and what brings us into balance
- who we are / who we aren't
- how we flow with life / how we don't
- what our passions and interests are
- our personality and character
- our issues / fear / shadow
- what our ethics and values are
- and so forth...
In living within my BALANCED TEMPLE (Temple of Balance as a way of life) I've found it extremely helpful to look honestly at myself - including the things which are on the 'dislike' end of the scale. I don't roll around in that stuff complaining or subjecting myself to something I dislike. But in getting to know myself it is essential to know who I am not. In working out my strengths, I also need to understand my 'weaknesses'.
My role at Temple of Balance is to live, breathe and BE it as authentically and openly as possible every day. I am not here to preach a way of life or to push my values or opinions onto anyone. I am here as someone who walks the journey of self-discovery and maintaining my balance - while living my everyday life.
I see this, and my role, as if Temple of Balance is a nest. I tend to and build this nest, create, share and be myself... and anyone who finds something supportive or helpful from this space might hang out in the nest for bit. I understand that people come and people go. I encourage non-attachment, and so much so that I look forward to the day when Temple of Balance and this work is not required in our world.
I take my work very seriously and am always allowing it to evolve and grow - because this nest - Temple of Balance grows with me.
How does your Temple of Balance 'look' and feel to you at this time? How is it evolving for you? What could you do or apply that would help you live it even deeper?
Thanks for connecting,

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  • Thank you Lee-Anne and Cory for creating this nest for everyone. It feels like we all place a bit there and a piece here to create this temple together, where we can remember the balance we crave and know is true. This comforting place is where I have been able to relax and breathe which has allowed me to remember the peace I was born here with and to reconnect with it into my everyday life. I have never once had to wonder if this space is genuine or real, there has never been someone to tell me what to do or think, or made me question the authenticity of the wisdom and loving guidance being shared. Never have I felt I would be pushed from this nest for being weak or not meeting someone’s expectations. There are no expectations. We are truly family. And that is so meaningful and comforting. The love shared here is true and I am able to trust that what we share is only for my highest good, and that is priceless beyond words. I am unable to express the gratitude I have for what you have created for everyone. Thank you 🙏 Namaste


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