Through the eyes of the full moon

A few hours ago I was driving home and became entertained by the rising full moon. It radiated in and out from the light cloud covering and before I knew it I was thinking.... wondering....
I thought of the timelessness of the moon, as well as the sun, who had both borne witness to every soul born and retired from this planet. I acknowledged my ancestors, my loved ones and those who stepped on this Earth before me. I wondered what it was like for them in a different era, landscape and time - yet with the same moon shining down upon them - fascinating them perhaps. I imagined their own eyes peering up to this very same moon that I was observing in that moment. Then suddenly I looked at the moon through the eyes of all of my ancestors.
I imagined my 92 year old grandmother seeing the moon for the first time in the 1920's - with her innocence and youth. I pictured my grandfather, from several generations ago, being transported as a convict from England to Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) watching the moon as he sailed from his homeland to somewhere new in the mid 1800's - I imagined his sadness and perhaps his uncertainty about what awaited him. In those few timeless minutes I felt them all.
Seeing the moon like a window - an eye into the past, present and future - my heart was touched by the Sacredness I felt - the unlocking of timeless moments and a union with all that I am.
I wondered if I had lived other lifetimes, and how I may have even watched the full moon before through other eyes, a different body, yet through the same soul.
My expansion of thought, and pushing through limitations to other possibilities pulled my essence away from my problems, my life and my world and into the - collective and the common connection between us all - irrelevant of time or space.
Our connections through the celestial bodies, we often take for granted, can be a deep one - an important one. For anything which inspires us to think outside the box and feel connected beyond time and space is worth contemplating about, right?
Thank you for connecting,
Happy moon gazing!
~ All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
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  • Here in California I think of the he great magestic Oak trees. I think of that trees as witness. I wonder at all the things a tree see’s. When that wild tree was baby the world was a different place a wild place.

    Matthew Keith

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