Temple of Balance turns 12!

It feels quite surreal to me to think that Temple of Balance was birthed in this world twelve years ago today. The surreal-ness surprises me as I think about what Temple of Balance has become today, and also it presents an interesting perspective of time - it feels like yesterday it began, but at the same time many lifetimes ago.

[One of the earlier photos of me hand-packing my new Healing Energy Cards - in June 2008]
If I take you back to that day twelve years ago I remember it being like any other day, although it was my baby sister's birthday and it was the day the internet was hooked up in our new house. I'd been doing a lot of personal self healing focus in the years prior, and was increasing my spiritual work with others in shops and expos around Tasmania. I kept feeling like soon I would 'be in my Temple again' - like I had somehow lived in Temple's in other times and places - and in a different body.
[Looking a tad nervous as I prepare to host my first workshop interstate. Melbourne 2009]


There was no planning with my Temple of Balance starting on the 25th of February 2005, it was through a perfect lining up of moments. I recall being on the phone to our local internet provider and simply trying to think of a name for my email address. Everyone at that time used their name or a variation of it, and I wanted mine to be something more meaningful. The internet consultant asked me what my interests are while we worked this simple title out... we sounded boarded a few ideas until I knew in the depths of my heart that TEMPLE OF BALANCE was perfect! So we went with it...

[Cory & I at a recent Tasmania Healing Retreat we hosted - February 2017]

The highlight of this last twelve years, as I reflect back, has certainly been a combination of two things. Firstly when my Twin Flame Cory came into my life around four years in (late 2008). His support, encouragement and willingness to listen to my out-of-this-world ideas are extremely valuable. I couldn't imagine bringing Temple of Balance to this point without him. And secondly becoming part of Facebook in 2009. The sense of family, connections and ability to interact so intimately with those drawn to my work has been extremely inspiring.
[In 2014 we celebrated half a million Facebook fans - proudly all organic]

If I reflect on what was the lowest moment, I would say it's been a few times (not many) when I had had enough. Perhaps I was full of doubt, felt defeated or felt over-worked and under-paid. These 'low' moments have also been times of huge turning points. Times where I, as the driving force behind Temple of Balance began to shift, transform and expand it all. I have seen time and time again over these years that what I am doing with my growth and willingness to dive into myself closely corresponds with Temple of Balance's growth.

[It's incredible when people spot my books in book shops. Here's one in a bookstore in Melbourne a few years ago.]

I have grown extraordinarily by dedicating all day, every day for twelve years to my work at Temple of Balance. Creatively I've learned many new skills and have introduced them to Temple of Balance. I am willing to try new things, let old ways go if they no longer work and to always ensure my integrity and truth gauges all choices and aspects of my small business. Many times I could have taken an easier path if it was my choice to enjoy financial gain, yet I didn't. I could have crumbled to the pressure of publishing companies wanting me to write in an unauthentic way so books would sell. I recognise my choices, role and tireless effort made all with the purpose of genuinely helping others - and I feel so very grateful and proud of myself.

[Fun in the sun, during our first live-in retreat - Tasmania Feb 2010]

At this particular moment I only have a couple of longer-term goals, and prefer to focus on the short-term ones which are simply diving into the moments and days making the most of them and doing what inspires me. I'd LOVE to focus more time on my art - in particular ceramics, drawing and pendant creating.

[Radio interview with Penny Terry from ABC Hobart - 2014]

No doubt the most rewarding part of my work is observing change, improvement and the realisation that others have. There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing others enjoy their life, make empowering choices or following their dreams. And when I think about it - this is all that I like to do myself too... so I hope that what I do and who I am inspires those who need it - to show them that following your passions brings great reward to life.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of my Temple of Balance community,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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