Week 4 (final): Spirituality from a HEALING perspective

Just the word - healing - feels grounding and quite physical - therefore bringing an anchoring of energy to our spiritual connection theme.

Of course, I will be focusing on this from a SELF healing perspective. For this is where the core benefit can be found. Not in the obsession in healing everyone else but avoiding our own inner skeletons. Healing cannot be found in the constant help we want from others. To look at this perspective we have to be willing to take responsibility for our role in our healing journey. If we help others along the way - that is a bonus.

There are a myriad of different methods we could look at under the umbrella of self healing, so here I will only cover a few.

Some things I find essential and extremely beneficial with my self-healing dedication are: self awareness, nature and balance.

SELF AWARENESS - to me this means being as aware of myself as possible. Whether it be what I say, the actions I take, the ‘space’ I take up or what I am thinking. I don’t (most of the time) become too self critical, but remain aware and neutral so I can steer myself back on track if I’m off it or ensure I am always BEING in alignment with my truth and values as best as I can.

NATURE - is my go-to place. My heart LOVES being amongst the trees, greenery and under the sun. I do my best to bring nature into my everyday life, and make an effort to spend time in it when I can. I feel balanced when I am in nature, and nature reflects to me what I am going through at the time for my own healing.

BALANCE - naturally is the harmony I am always feeling for. My self-awareness will help me gauge how in or out of balance I might be at the time. Then I can work with my healing tools or retreat to nature to make my own self adjustments to get back into balance again.

What are important elements for your own self healing?

Is there a relationship for you between your spiritual connections and self healing?

When did you last give yourself healing time? What did it consist of?

What are the benefits you notice from healing?

What are some other words you might use to describe healing?

Perhaps expand on such questions, and write your answers in your journal or explore them in meditation or contemplation.

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All my LOVE,

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