Week 3/ Spirituality from a SPIRIT perspective

Thank you for your participation and personal exploration of our theme so far - I personally find it a great focus and it helps me keep perspective. Thinking about our Spiritual Connections from an everyday life level has been a very grounding and practical experience last week - as we’ve perceived our Spirituality from our physical perspective.

This week we are going to the other side of the vertical axis - from our physical life reality, and up into a spiritual reality. With our feet on this earthy ground we’ll need to project our awareness and senses into what things may be like from the perspective of Spirit.

From a Spirit perspective we may consider our connection with our LOVED ones who have left their body and any experiences or connections we have had with them spiritually - maybe we could ask them what it is like from their viewpoint. We can also consider this perspective in regards to potential spiritual guides, teachers, angels perhaps, or the Creator itself.

There can be strong imbedded beliefs and old programming around such an exploration - so I highly recommend that as you explore this in your own way, and answer the questions for yourself, that you seriously consider your truth - which will not necessarily be what you’ve been TOLD before. It’s easy to speak about such things duplicating what a preacher, teacher or author has said - and these are all valid to listen to and think about - however just because someone we look up to says something doesn’t mean it has to be true for us.

So let’s use our discernment this week and ask ourselves the hard questions - or perhaps answer the hard questions with our own inner honesty - not based on something someone said, but based on how we feel and our own experience. This is the difference between a belief and a truth.

Let’s consider questions like:

What do you feel it is like in the world of Spirit? Can you describe what you feel?

Do you also exist in the Spirit world? If so, how could that be?

How do you connect with your Spiritual side, on higher realms? Maybe through prayer, meditation etc.

What do you feel might happen when you leave your physical body?

Where does the Spirit world exist?

Perhaps expand on such questions, and write your answers in your journal or explore them in meditation or contemplation.

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Next week we’ll explore Spirituality from a HEALING perspective. Coming to this blog page next Thursday as a new article.

All my LOVE,

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