Week 2/ Spirituality from a LIFE perspective

I trust you’ve enjoyed considering your personal spiritual practices and beliefs this past week. I’ve seen that a lot of us have come to realise that we are more spiritually dedicated than we thought. A lot of us have also recognised spiritual practices we’d LOVE to bring more of into our life - which is fantastic!

This week we explore our Spiritual Connections from a LIFE perspective. I am thinking of this from the angle of finding meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging in our life - from a spiritual angle.

From what I’ve observed in myself and others - our spirituality can help us feel a deeper sense of truth and meaning to our life. I’d imagine that someone who thought something like: when we took our last breath, that that was it for us - may not feel a deeper purpose than those of us who may connect with our spirituality and spiritual meaning in our own way.

For me, my life approach is from a spiritual perspective. I am honoured to have created my work around my spirituality and thoughts on life, and my spirituality is a massive part of who I am. It goes much deeper than my physical expressions or words that I show on the outside though, I am a deep thinker and feeler with a curious nature. I also prefer to explore, contemplate and evaluate everything presented to me against my truth.

This week, let’s consider our LIFE purpose, meaning and belonging from a spiritual perspective.

What does your spirituality mean to you when it comes to your life?

Is your life a spiritual one? If so, how?

How can you better understand your life from a spiritual standpoint?

How much of your spirituality is your life?

Consider such questions and any others which inspire you. Perhaps write about them in your journal, meditate on them and really notice what is playing out in your life that supports your answers, or doesn’t.

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Next week we’ll explore Spirituality from a SPIRIT perspective. Coming to this blog page next Thursday as a new article.

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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