Week 1/ Spirituality from a PERSONAL perspective

Our spirituality and how it looks is a very personal thing. So I felt this was an essential part to cover first. We all have different beliefs, thoughts, values and perspectives. I will share with you a little about what mine looks like right now, however I don’t want to be influencing you, and especially not telling you how or what your spirituality should be.

Let this be your personal discovery and exploration. Consider what your spiritual practices are - how they fit into your life - and if you are happy with the amount of time and effort you put into such things at the moment.

For a couple of weeks now I have been thinking about how much I want to get a little deeper into my personal spiritual connections. I thought I wasn’t practicing things enough. However when I was getting this theme together I saw that I actually do practice and embrace my spirituality more than I realised.

Every time I take a bath I do a ‘heaven on earth’ card reading for myself. I put on relaxing music and meditate - and I do this most weeks. I journal write frequently, I dance and celebrate my body often. I spend a lot of time writing, reflecting, assessing and practicing my self-awareness very practically each day. Every day I make an effort to release and let go of my own limitations and ‘flaws’. When I create, I am in a state of personal connection and expression... and the list goes on.

My spiritual practices may not be going regularly to a circle or temple to prayer, or to be constantly talking to spirit - I contemplate and connect in my own space and private way.

So what I have come to realise is that I am a spiritual being - and I am practicing it more than I realised. It is present for me within every moment and every breath.

What does your spirituality look or feel like?

Are you practicing it enough?

What are your practices?

What does it mean for you to be spiritual?

Are you feeling connected to your spiritual self?

Let’s remember that: we are able to practice our spirituality privately; we may want to mix and match different cultures and ideas to suit what resonates with us individually; and it’s important to make it our own rather than believe something someone else convinces us to believe.

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Next week we’ll explore Spirituality from a LIFE perspective. Coming to this blog page next Thursday as a new article.

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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