The Record Keeper

As I dance in this sea of Oneness,
I open my being to receiving new ideas and new realisations.
Yesterday was no exception,
For I was open, ready and trusting in the process.
What was to unfold during my connection with another,
Has left me curious enough to explore it here.


Yesterday when I was working with a lovely lady to help her find balance and shift old energy we spent a little time helping her reconnect. I saw this as a vision in my mind’s eye of a cable. This thick cable contained millions of energy fibres. We replugged this cable into her higher self - like joining two cord plugs together. Doing this brought forward massive amounts of life force, which began pouring down into the cable.

As the cable met with the physical body those fibres extended downwards from the top of her head, to the base of her spine, and made many millions of tiny pathways throughout her body.


Then we followed the cable out from the base of her spine, where it passed down through the surface of the earth to the earth’s core.

Here it locked into a chunk of clear quartz which was filled with the mineral - iron. This became revealed as the ‘Record Keeper’ and that we all have one. Sometimes we may think of our own personal Akashic Records (where all our records / memories are stored) as a place high above, and yes, I have been to these great libraries and halls, however this felt different.

Our own personal Record Keeper seems to be a strong anchor and point of grounding for us. In other words, it will help us find our place within this moment, to uncover our path and sense of purpose. It contains content beyond our wildest dreams.

As we connected with this Record Keeper, I saw a vision of it slicing into very thin layers, like pages of a book - thin quartz pages. And inscribed on them were patterns, shapes and codes in iron. Not being able to be read like any written language we are aware of - these records contained a wealth of information beyond what we see with our eyes and comprehend with our brain.

They will emerge in the right moment and the right time as a feeling, knowing and an impulse. A part of our being can decipher these pages and this we can trust.

Let’s go on a journey to connect with our own Record Keeper. You may visualise this as something a little or a lot different to me - and this is okay.

EXERCISE - read through first, and then if you're comfortable, please practice this exercise.

First of all become as comfortable as you can. You may like to remain sitting up so you don’t fall asleep.

Bring your attention to your breathing. Breathe out and relax. Breathe in and feel the oxygen filling up your body. Move into a nice comfy breathing rhythm that works for you in this moment. If unnecessary thoughts continue to pop into your mind, spend a little extra time breathing, and perhaps play some nice relaxing music in the background to give your brain something to focus upon.

Move your attention now to the very top of your head. Begin to be aware of a cord of energy that runs out from your head and flows upward. You may see this as a cable, a cord, or even a type of umbilical cord. How you see it will be right for you.

Begin to follow this cord with your imagination - picture it move upward. If you’ve been feeling disconnected or like you’re doing everything on your own lately, you may need to really concentrate in this area to help mend any severed areas. Push through, and visualise yourself repairing any damaged parts, if there are any.

You continue upward, as high as you can, stretching beyond time, space and perhaps what you ‘think’ to be real. See how far you can go, and if you reach a point where you just seem to stop - see if you need to visualise this cord plugging into a part of you up there. Do what you need to do.

When you’re ready, and after you’ve plugged in, or become aware of your connection, feel a new wave of life force flowing down this cord to your body. Follow it with your awareness, and as it reaches your crown, notice what happens to your body.

You may like to really ensure your spine is as straight and as strong for you as can be. Trace this energy flowing down into your body and being released via millions of energetic fibres from your spine - where this energy cord flows.

Feel your body filling up with energy - with life force. Every cell of your being collects what it needs. Do your best to allow this to happen in the way that is perfect for you.

When you’re ready bring your attention to the base of your spine, and that area where the cord moves out from your body. Again, as you move through if you find any blockages or damaged areas, do what you need to do to repair them. Then continue moving down.

Follow this cord as it passed down through the surface of the earth, and do your best to picture it moving down, down and downward through the layers of the rock, earth and volcanic areas.

You come down to the very core of the earth, and you may picture this as something different from what I describe - this is okay. Here, at the very ‘bottom’ of your cord is a solid quartz crystal rock. It has many flat areas with triangles, points and shapes. It is about a foot cubed, and contains traces of iron running over and through this piece of quartz. Observe and notice what stands out for you here.

This is your own personal ‘Record Keeper’ - it contains knowledge and memories beyond your current wildest dreams. Things you had pre-planned out before coming into this earthy experience - memories of importance especially in regards to your talents, gifts and purpose.

Now your ‘Record Keeper’ crystal transforms into the shape of a crystal book, and three very thin pages from this book begin to float upward through your cord - like it has now turned into a vacuum chamber.

These pages ascend upward and when reaching your spine / body area, they become embedded within certain areas of your body. Trust the first three places they need to go - which stand out for you.

The pages become a part of you now - as you are ready and the timing is perfect. This knowledge now awaits for the perfect moment to reveal to you their contents. It is best not to force or try too hard to ‘read’ them - for remember, they are not written in any standard language.

Open yourself, and trust that in the most ideal moment all will be revealed. And this revelation may come to you in unexpected ways and means.

Remain connected here for as long as you need to.

When you’re ready start becoming aware of your surroundings and the sounds outside. Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes, roll your shoulders back and bring your awareness back to your body. Take a little walk, write in your journal or stretch your beautiful body if you need to.

Your own personal ‘Record Keeper’ is like an ancient filing cabinet. And what it contains will be of personal significance for you. This is able to be accessed by anyone who is ready. If you are struggling to ‘get there’ - don’t be too hard on yourself, just try again later.

Please 'share' or 'comment' if this has been important for you,

All my LOVE,


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Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, self published author, speaker and founder of Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others follow their own passions and to experience real balance in their life. She does this by being a practicing and living example of what she teaches, and encouraging others to discover what works for them. Lee-Anne resides in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and two children.

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  • Thank you Lee-Anne. This is wonderful. I’m looking forward to using this technique. It really resonates with me.

    Fiona Coughlin
  • Lee- Ann this was just what I needed to have a perfect connection visually. I asked spirit to give me a visual of connecting into source and deeply grounding into Mother Earth and find my true purpose here. Thank you for sharing your special gifts. Love and light .

  • I love this Lee-Anne, I have only read through it and felt my connection strengthen :) ❤ Thank you xo

    Nicole Wiggins

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