Question: What else would I have done if I had not started Temple of Balance?

Q: May i ask what was your other intention if u hadnt of started your baby temple of balance? - Eleanor R.

A: That's a very interesting question Eleanor, and I wonder if Temple of Balance was ever NOT going to be a part of my path in this lifetime. I am sure that no matter what I had chosen that all paths would have led to Temple of Balance.

Practically, at the time Temple of Balance started I had 2 x young children just starting out at school and was a qualified hairdresser - so I would have likely been hairdressing for as long as I could take it.

The thing with my personality is that I can't sit in something I am not happy with. I will turn my whole life upside-down to follow my heart and passion.

Life has a way of leading us down a certain path, and when we look back we cannot imagine our life being any different.

Where might you be if you didn't make that big decision or change which altered the course of your life?

Thank you for your questions. These come as video comments, emails or general comments across my social media.


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