QUESTION: How do I separate from other people's energy?

Q: 'When you get energies from people how do you separate from them? - Jackie G.
A: Thanks for asking your question Jackie.
Let's see.. firstly I must know my energy so well and thorough that I know what is my energy and what isn't. I then put what I know are my current feelings or sensations for me aside, and then think of the person I am connecting with for a reading, energy work, healing, drawing etc.
To follow are sensations, pain and movements in my body which I recognise as being slightly (or sometimes drastically) different from my own.
After the connection (session or drawing) is complete I just end the sensitivity to someone else and draw into my own feelings, body and space.
It is rarely hard for me now to disconnect from these connections afterwards. I used to cut cords, ask the energy to leave and rub my hands together, call on my guides for help, however it is not really required now because my sense of trust and knowing that the connection is over and detached from my personal energy is so strong.
Also on this subject I feel that it is also a very rare occurrence when I might actually be affected by someone else's energy. If I have a reaction or an 'after-effect' from the connection - then that is stirring something within me.
You will likely never hear me say that I am picking up someone's negativity or problems (unless I am making a temporary connection for healing, reading, drawing etc) - I own what I feel whether they are influenced by others, earth energies, the moon, planets, retrograde etc - I don't think about or blame these outside things, but look at why has it stirred something in me and what will I do about it.
What are your thoughts? How do you separate from other people's energy? Do you need to?

Thank you for your questions. These come as video comments, emails or general comments across my social media.


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