Question: Am I an introvert or extrovert?

Q: Interested as to whether you consider yourself an Introvert or an Extrovert. Putting yourself out there for the public to interact with must be draining at times especially if you are introverted. Doesn't mean we don't have the ability to help people it just takes a lot out of you. I consider myself artistic, creative and an introvert so I would enjoy doing what you do but would find times when I just wanted to be by myself and "hide away". I think you have referred to those regrouping times that you access. I admire your ability to keep things balanced and so focused. - Karen D.

A: This is an interesting topic to me Karen - thanks for asking. I do a lot of self-reflection and self-analysis - it's just a part of who I am, so I am happy to consider this topic.

I would certainly say I am mainly an introvert - but I do have some 'extrovert' tenancies - perhaps. Can I be a confident introvert?

I prefer my own space, private time and would consider myself anti-social. That may sound odd for someone that does what I do so publicly. I am weird (probably) in the way that when I stream videos and when I connect via the internet with people I am in my own world and simply imagine I am having a conversation with myself. :D I don't get caught up in the numbers, people out there or feedback etc... I just go about my activities - even on social media - very much myself.

I actually don't particularly like being in public, I find public events very awkward - unless I am hosting something I am passionate about - then my confident side comes out.

I never go out - to eat, socialise or for fun - I don't actually find any of it fun. I would prefer to be at home, eating a home cooked meal with my husband and children. And then for fun - I LOVE creating, rollerblading, playing my trumpet, interacting online and helping people - really from a slight distance. I can easily turn my devices off when I need some quiet me time.

Sometimes it is confronting for me to step up and share. Although if I see that something needs to be done (or said), and I might be able to help do it - I will not shy away from stepping up and taking the reins - no matter how uncomfortable I might feel.

So I suppose I am a confident, courageous, friendly, caring, helpful and easily inspired introvert!!

Would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or a bit of both?

Thank you for your questions. These come as video comments, emails or general comments across my social media.



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