Planetary and outside influences

Have you noticed - I NEVER share anything about retrograde, largest planet ever, alignment of this, star of that?
One of the reasons why is that it is irrelevant - to me anyway.
I am still going to be standing here on this tiny bit of soil upon which I stand, life is going to go on, so why invest any attention in analyzing or worrying about how something might be? Or even worse - BLAMING some outside force for the way I feel inside.
My involvement in the moon, for the most part, has lessened - it looks pretty and inspires me but I think all of the 'charge your crystal' posts over the years has been a big turn-off - and seeing people so stressed out because they forgot!!! I don't want to be that person...
All of this stuff is not important in the grand scheme of living our life and living our best life. We will always be influenced in some way by external forces (like the moon). Can't we just flow with what we feel at the time, instead of needing to explain it or blame something?
As humanity, I'd like to think that we're passing this point of externally blaming planets, outside influences or even others for how we feel and what is going on in our life today.
Instead I would prefer to embrace how I feel, learn and reach new understandings about myself, and get as involved in my life as I can.
I urge you to read any information (including this) with discernment and an open heart. Does it feel right for you? Is it necessary to think about? How can you work with whatever the energy is to help you be a better person? Do you really need to analyze it?
What are your thoughts?
Please note that this, as with everything I share is my opinion. This opinion may clash with yours, which is okay. If you have an outpouring reaction about such an opinion this maybe worth investigating further so you can come to your own conclusion of truth. Always shared with LOVE and with a desire to help challenge our limitations.
- Lee-Anne Peters

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