Peacock Animal Totem

Peacock has entered loudly and strongly into my life.

It started around five days ago, and has appeared in various situations and happenings since.

But why.....?

I've looked in books, searched online, read Wikipedia about them - but still nothing really stood out as being impactful to me. It was all nice stuff, but nothing new, I was already consciously living a lot of what I read about peacock.

I sense there is more... I want to look deeper...

I contemplate this phase I am at in my life right now and the presence of a big life door which is before me... I see this huge dark timber door with a peacock carved into it. This vision brings an immediate flow of emotion, and I know that I am tapping further into what the peacock means to me at this time of my life.

I see it as the guardian of my Life Door - helping me see the way, maintain my self confidence moving forward and keeping a protective eye out for me.

It does not speak, but it's presence speaks enough. I feel this is a great message for me too... that I only need to be myself, embody my truth and live it proudly and humbly. Which is something I have aimed to do for some time, so I will take it deeper.

This is interesting as I did learn that peacocks actually stalk, catch, shake and eat snakes! Snakes are a power animal I've worked closely and intimately with for years. I see them as containing powerful truth medicine. Snake has helped me for decades to understand and speak my truth as clearly as I can.

If the peacock eats the snake - then this shows me a deepening of my own truth and letting it sit deeper inside me. I want to embody, consume and shine fully as who I am stronger and deeper. Peacock inspires me to do this.

More personally I see the peacock standing guard outside my ceramics workshop - which burned down over six months ago now. I am at the final stages of rebuilding and upgrading this phase of my life.

Last week I summoned my 'Kiln God' - the God of Fire - Vulcan. So I've named my kiln Vulcan! And I feel the peacock's presence now will help keep my workshop protected (especially from fire if Vulcan gets too excited). Peacock stands guard of my workshop. He knows how much time, money, emotion and action has gone into this rebuilding. Peacock will stand guard watching and observing these last weeks of the rebuild, and the initial weeks of living the dream I've been building.

The peacock inspires me to see the final phases of this rebuild through with confidence, a watchful eye and celebration of what has been achieved when this new door swings open!

"I welcome peacock into my life to teach me how to be more watchful, confident and courageous in birthing the new and true further into my being."

Thanks for reading,

Lee-Anne Peters

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