New - Card Reading Club and 2022 Art Classes start in Jan!

Namaste :)

This is a one-off crazy message to let you know of a couple of things I've excitedly opened and set for the next 6 - 8 months.


Firstly, I had the whacky, and probably brilliant idea to meet with you (if you're interested) via zoom for more online gatherings, events and a new CARD READING CLUB!!

My intention with this club is to create an online space for 60mins, once a month, to explore our favourite oracle, tarot or healing cards together.

I'm thinking of this to support your personal card relationship - so you can more accurately receive guidance and interpret the cards you use, but also for those of you who want to do readings with other people - as a professional, we could say. And then of course this can be seen as something to do for FUN!

It's not a place for me to read for you, no, I'd rather help you read for yourself! So this will be to learn, practice and develop your personal and professional card reading skills.

I've a 6 month plan down, with dates pretty set and topics / themes set too.

We kick off on Fri 21 Jan (9-10am Sydney time), with our topic being - interpretation! If you're busy at this time, you can access the recording at your convienience.

You can register for this, learn more or see my plan for the next 6 months. Come to some, all, or one session - whatever you resonate with.




I know this may be daunting, okay very scary for some, however these art classes are valuable for deep healing and creative exploration. The growth and connection you can potentially experience is great.

We will kick start the new 2022 art classes also on Fri 21st Jan (5-7pm Sydney time), with our theme SHADOW. Yep, we dive in very deeply in these 2hr sessions.

After that January class, on Fri 18th Feb, I will be starting a seven month chakra series of art classes. Here we will be exploring each of our major chakras deeply and creatively.

The shadow class is now open for bookings, and the chakra art classes will open later in Jan.

Recordings are also available of these if you can't make it live.

Check out our next art class here:


Members receive a discount to both. Card Reading Club is AU39 (AU29 for members), and the Art Class is AU69 (AU59 for members).

Hopefully you may be inspired to work more closely with me in 2022. I have a lot to share and explore with those who are interested.

Thank you for your support in 2021,

Here's to a fantastic New Year, and I trust it is a safe, healthy and happy one for you and your family,

Thanks for reading,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne :)


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