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For several years I've had penned an outline for a book about balance, and within it sharing everything I know about how to achieve it and live it.

In 2015 I submitted it to a couple of book publishers, one turned it down, the other embraced the idea. My ten month journey dealing with this publisher has been full of high's and low's. It tested me, challenged me and ultimately brought me into more clarity and alignment with what I do and don't want from this book. I want to put my name on something I am proud of.

After writing a full first draft, having a manuscript assessment and getting into my second draft the direction the publisher and I wanted to go down was clearly different. I decided in September 2016 that there would be a certain standard and line of integrity that I would not go below, and last week (mid-Jan 2017) I felt that was reached. So I stepped back from talks and decided with much confidence that I will release this book myself.

I feel with this decision comes great opportunity for me to create and write the book in a way that aligns with my truth and integrity, and is, in many ways, more helpful for my reader.

So with this information, my next book is currently in creation. It's title is: YOUR BALANCED TEMPLE.

Because I wrote the first and started the second draft with 'mainstream' release in mind, my next goal is to go through these drafts and decide how much re-writing they require. I hope to start this reading / deciding process next week. From there I will know how much more work I need to do and can look at my timeline and work out a release date.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience, and I look forward to helping you 'BALANCE YOUR TEMPLE'.

UPDATE 3 Feb 2017 - After a brief read-through of both drafts I am not clear on what I want to do with this book, yet! So until I feel motivated to proceed this book will wait. I am currently more inspired to create - therefore I will continue to follow my heart and passions as inspired to each moment.

~ All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters



  • I love your integrity and am confident this book will reflect what you need to teach and show us.

    Gayle McCoy
  • You inspire me with all that you represent, I am far away from your part of the world, but I feel very connected to all that you do. So I would love to purchase a copy of your newest book. I am always looking for insights on the ways to improve my life and the life I desire. Can’t wait.

    Stacy Siekerman
  • Perfectly perfect! I can’t wait to read this, Lee-anne :)


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