My thoughts on photo / video filters

When I started streaming live videos on my Facebook Page I had to manually go into my Facebook settings and turn off every photo / video filter - yet still it softens my skin (I know this when I use red face decorations and they are all softened and blurred on my videos).

Why do I turn them off - this seems like a surprising thing for many people? I don't like the idea of appearing as someone who I am not - with larger eyes perhaps, maybe less wrinkles, flawless skin and a thinner face!!

I host hundreds of live video streams a year, and from time to time - usually when I am feeling great - the odd person will comment on how tired or sad I look. It used to frustrate me - when I felt so good, someone comes and says something which lowers me briefly - even when I actually wasn't tired or sad!

Now I see that this is a good thing... that tired or wrinkled appearance, is actually someone who has filters turned off, and just maybe she hasn't put makeup on her face to cover her 40y/o wrinkles - she is just appearing as herself - warts, under-eye bags, wrinkles, pimples and all.

I am going to age gracefully and in the full view of my public appearances. I am not going to apologise, make excuses for or even answer any comments about how tired or drained I might look today.

I will wear my face with pride and acceptance - not pretending to be some wide-eyed, thin-faced, lip-puckered different version of myself. I don't want to be anyone other than me.

I have no judgements towards anyone who enjoys seeing themselves in a different way through filters - but to me, I don't and will continue to wear my age as proudly as I can.

So next time you see me, or someone else looking tired or old - maybe think for a moment that this person is not covering or filtering themselves, and that this is a good thing.

What are your thoughts on photo / video filters?

Do you hide who you are?

Can you wear your scars with pride?

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