My theme for December...

I have been feeling around for my theme word for December, however have not reached any conclusion or honed focus.

A thought crossed my mind to pluck out any word - just so I had a theme, however that would not be aligned with my authenticity as I need to feel the urge strongly to embody and learn about that theme word in its fullness - I take my selection of a theme word seriously.

I am coming out of a fantastically abundant, busy, nourishing and focused November, and do not feel anything is amiss or out of alignment for me at this time. I feel fully embodied, happy and content. Again no word comes to mind.

So my idea is to flow with this feeling and let it unfold resistlessly as I go along.

Just because I am not inspired to focus on a theme word for December, doesn't mean that you can't - so if you feel motivated to learn about something or further embody who you are - please feel for a word that you would like to work on. It may be focused around something you are struggling to understand about yourself or your life.

As far as January goes, I will feel on a potential theme word towards the end of December and see if anything inspires me - if it does, you will hear about it at that time.

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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  • Focus on let go the fears and love more with forgiveness❤

    Clara T Espitia

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