Message for September - sent with LOVE

It’s September, and for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere - Spring is in the air!

I trust this message finds you happy and well, and if it doesn’t I trust you find some support within it.


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August has been an intense month - like most over these past years. We’ve had to keep our boundaries super strong and ‘air-tight’ so we didn’t get too knocked out of balance. Riding the waves has been quite smooth and inspiring for some, but quite bumpy for others. The general divide seems to be becoming deeper and wider, yet by the end of August there have been some glimmers of hope and restoration to focus on.


I have laid out some cards for September - let’s see what they say…

The first week of September brings highlight to meetings and gatherings of people. This will be important for our learning and our ability to lead. New pathways will likely open up this week too, as we consider options, opportunities and opening some new doors in our life.

The second week of this month reveals to us the importance of LOVE, relationships, family and personal connections we have with people. All relationships require effort, and this effort feels to be important this week. Some of us may also need to take a mental break to detach from dramas and gain a new and improved perspective.

During the third week of September we may feel as if we need to gather resources, save and look at the bigger plan for our life - and the resources we require to make it happen. There may be a situation or our body that requires some healing and care-time this week. Some of us may feel that we need to be on guard, protected and keep some things close to our chest instead of being hasty.

The final week of this month brings some much needed joy, excitement and motivation. Spring is in the air, new doors are opening and music fills our hearts. There is likely to be the fulfillment or beginnings of an answered prayer occur this week.

The theme for September is a powerful emotional and creative energy that will likely entice us out of our shell and into new depths. This can be a bit confronting as we leave things behind and step out of our comfort zone. There is great opportunity to break negative habits and patterns this month and avoid going back to them. Setting up some new dedications and new commitments to support those new depths - and the releasing of negative habits are favourable.

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Healing Energy Cards Update: All new illustrations for some of the original Healing Energy Cards that required updating are now complete. The new ‘Healing Energy Cards 2’ deck illustrations have long been complete. This means I am now beginning a five month intensive test period of both of these decks to prepare them for printing. I look forward to bringing you the upgraded original deck (cards 1-55) and the brand new ‘Healing Energy Cards 2’ (cards 56-110) - a stand along expansion, in about mid 2022. These decks will be sold separately.


Speed of Light Oracle Cards Update: On the 1st of September I officially launched this newly reprinted deck. Thank you to all of you who pre ordered. I trust you enjoy working with your new cards when they arrive.


2021 Chakra Series Update: In July I started the brand new Chakra Series and diving into the chakras like I’ve never done before. This has been very healing and revealing. So far we have focused on the first four chakras (taking us up to the heart), and next week we will continue with the throat, then the third eye and crown chakras to follow. If you would LOVE to participate, please become a Pillar of Light Member, or a Patreon (at US10+) to access and support. Links to these are below.


Ceramics Update: Currently I am working on making for my first solo exhibition - Owls & Raptors. This will take place at the Raptor Refuge, Kettering Tasmania, and online on Sat 4th Dec. To stay up to date with my ceramics, workshops, shop drops etc, please consider subscribing to my new ceramics dedicated newsletter - see below. Next shop drop will be in October.


Online Art Class Update: Our Online Art Classes focused around my Healing Energy Cards project have now ended. Thank you to all who joined in throughout this time. It has been very revealing and healing, therefore I have opened me up to the idea of continuing these - with a theme. Monthly Online Art Classes start this month (11th Sept), and this month’s theme is Freedom. Deets below.


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May your September be light, loving and honest,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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