Message for October - sent with LOVE

Welcome to October!

I trust you’ve had a good start to this new month.

I bring this message to you around the beginning of each month with some updates and what’s happening at Temple of Balance. I have pulled some cards for each week in October below.


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September was a huge month, with many tests around change, endings and grief. There has also been big energy around opportunities, new beginnings and abundance. It’s taken quite a lot of effort to hold our balance, as there has been much to do - just on the everyday life level without including the other surprise things that have occurred.


I have laid out some cards for October - let’s see what they say…

During the first week of October we can finally enjoy, or undertake the changes around our home that have long been anticipated. Let’s avoid distractions this week and keep our focus while we prepare ourselves.

The second week of October brings strong emotion and assertion, so we may have fiery emotions that could potentially ‘blast’ out of us if we don’t keep perspective and balance. This may be a good opportunity to stand our ground and clear the air this week.

During the third week of this month we’re being encouraged to secure our boundaries and make sure they are healthy and relevant to where we find ourselves this week. We may feel fragile and vulnerable at times and this could be an opportunity to open our heart, and figuring out our balance between an open heart and healthy boundaries.

The final week of October potentially brings heightened energy and increased confidence. This will likely be a great week to start something new, work on a project, advance our skills etc. We may have a bit of the ‘Midas touch’ at the end of October.

Our theme for October is efficiency and focus. This will likely be a supportive month to work out more efficient ways of working, living, practicing, interacting, communicating and being. Holding our position with focus, trust and determination will likely see much personal growth in October.

If you’d LOVE me to do a video reading for you for the upcoming month ahead (November), please have a look on my patreon website - link below.

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HEALING ENERGY CARDS UPDATE - Healing Energy Cards (upgraded original deck) and Healing Energy Cards 2 (new - stand alone expansion): I have huge news on these projects, and that is that we’re proceeding with printing in a couple of weeks (once I have done the final edit, overhaul, check over of all of the digital files that will become our cards). To keep the retail price affordable (AU$34.95ea deck), we have had to opt for sea mail delivery - this will take a couple of months after printing is done. At this stage, the pre orders will open when printing is complete (approx Nov), and then delivery will be early in 2023. I’ll keep you updated on my ‘Healing Energy Cards’ Facebook Page, or more specific information in the next newsletter.


CARD READING CLUB - our next online session will take place on Fri 14th Oct and starts at 9am (Syd Daylight savings time). Our theme is ‘For Me’, and will see us creating a unique spread to discover more about ourselves, what we need, where we are blocked etc. Details are on my website link below.


ONLINE ART CLASS  - our next online art class / art therapy session / deep healing event will also be taking place on Fri 14th Oct from 5-7pm (Syd Daylight savings time) In this session our theme is ‘rebirth’ and I will guide you through how to draw my popular ‘Tree of Life’ artwork.  Details are on my website link below.


CERAMICS - My ceramics website is amidst an overhaul.


Thank you for reading,

Lee-Anne Peters


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