Message for October - sent with LOVE

It’s almost October, and as you can see I’m getting this message out to you a couple of days earlier.

I trust you find this helpful and supportive. It includes some cards I’ve pulled for the month ahead and what is currently happening or coming up at Temple of Balance.


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September has been full of surprises, chaos, hope and it has certainly sped by. Some of us have personally achieved a lot this month. We may have found it quite easy to focus, get things done, try new things and notice the progress we are making. There have been some hurdles to cross though - both ‘close to home’ and ‘in the world itself.’ The truth has been floating to the surface, as mistruths have been revealed and we’ve been waking up to the truths in our life and within the world. As confronting as it can be, this is leading to an awakening of sorts - which offers many of us a glimmer of hope.


I have laid out some cards for October - let’s see what they say…

The first week of October brings an opportunity for us to clear our personal and private issues - especially the ones we’ve been bottling up. We have much LOVE and support around us as we do so - but also it is important this week that we reassure ourselves that things will work out. This may be a week for self healing, reconnection and release.

We have a powerful energy coming in for the second week of this month. There is a strong sense of abundance about - so things may be in quite good flow. We are urged to get super serious about the ‘health’ of our body and life. What is toxic? And what do we need to do to uplift, shift or change unhealthy parts of our life?

In the third week of October we may need to hold our ground and stand firm as we do the ‘right thing’ in a situation. There is little action this week, but instead much observation, waiting, holding ground, being firm and sticking to our plan.

The last week of October highlights an answered prayer, help being asked for or offered, and a general sense of improvement - or, things looking up! We’re being encouraged to focus on breathing life into ourselves again - especially if we’ve been feeling deflated lately. Can we allow LOVE (improvement) into our life?

Our October themes are great, as we’re being steered into, and are getting familiar with, a new direction we are going (or recently committed to). How does this new ground feel? How will we settle into this new role / direction? There is also much joy, lightness and transformation potential this month. We’re encouraged to get back to basics and avoid overcomplicating matters.

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Healing Energy Cards Update: I am in a ‘serious testing’ phase of these cards (both original and new deck). All is proceeding well and is on schedule for a mid 2022 release.


2021 Chakra Series Update: We’ve only the Crown Chakra in this series to focus on now - which will take place on Fri 8th Oct. Then my Pillar of Healing and Patreon monthly healing events resume (this month). If you would LOVE to participate, please become a Pillar of Light Member, or a Patreon (at US10+) to access and support. Links to these are below.


Ceramics Update: Currently I am working on making for my first solo exhibition - Owls & Raptors. This will take place at the Raptor Refuge, Kettering Tasmania, and online on Sat 4th Dec. To stay up to date with my ceramics, workshops, shop drops etc, please consider subscribing to my new ceramics dedicated newsletter - see below.


Online Art Class Update: Online art classes are continuing monthly with a theme (chosen the month before). Our next one is focused on Trees, and I look forward to exploring their characteristics, but also what trees can represent with you on Sat 9th Oct. You can find the link to this below.


Upcoming Public Events: I will be at the Bay of Fires Arts Market, St Helens, Tasmania on Sun 3rd Oct. Mainly doing Spirit Guide Drawings, and with a few card decks etc available. If you’re in the area I’d LOVE to see you. Look up ‘Bay of Fires Arts Market’ for details.


Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, feedback and for actually living and implementing the tools of mine that you resonate with. To see you help yourself and improve your life is inspiring to me. Keep up the great work, as will I.

Have a wonderfully abundant and healthy October,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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