Message for October

Hello my friends,

I trust you’re still standing at the end of September after a very wild and life changing month. If you’re not standing now, sending you lots of LOVE and strength, and I trust before too long you’ll be back on your feet.

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September was a game changer for many of us. We pushed through (and are still experiencing) big life tests as we enter into one of the very few Grand Life Doors we face during our whole lifetime. This is the doorway which leads into something new, true and adventurous. We are not only starting a new chapter - but a new book. These big times, stir up big things, so many of us battered and dragged our way through. As the month ends many of us are entering into our new doors, and into a new reality for ourselves.

I’ve laid out some cards for October - so let’s see. Remember this is a guide only.

During the first week of October there is new energy coming in and we’re being encouraged to stay open and allow ourselves to receive the new raining over us. While we receive and work out what we want to do with the information and inspiration, we’re being encouraged to be gentle with ourselves.

In the second week of October we are seen leaping, moving and going for it! Something is calling us into action, and although the green light has turned on - we may have a few things we want to take action on, so we may feel like we’re being pulled in different directions. Harnessing this energy, with our fullest attention, time management and efficiency will work well for us.

The third week of October reminds us to stay optimistic and hopeful that something we want to work will. There is much to look forward to this week as we explore our options, step outside our comfort zone and practice our spiritual tools.

During the last week of October we’re reminded not to dwell on the small details and just keep going. Now is not the time to dig things up unnecessarily. We may benefit from finding acceptance and moving forward with our life as best as we can.

Our theme for the month of October sees us following our passions and LOVE. There is a great feeling of motivation, forward movement from the heart and enhanced equality in our relationships.

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Cory and I will be in Melbourne this weekend and are offering Intuitive Healing Sessions - in person, private with Cory and I. 45 min sessions at Attwood. Sun 6 & Mon 7 Oct. Last spaces available. Link is below.

If you’d LOVE to come to Tasmania and spend a week with us from 14 - 20 February 2020 - you can learn more about booking your bed / space below.

Your support means a lot to me. I am extremely grateful to still be of service to you in my own unique way after all of these years - all thanks to your support.

Much LOVE always,

Lee-Anne Peters


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