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I trust this message finds you happy and well. If it doesn’t I hope you find some comfort within these words and energy herein.

September has been one heck of a ride - with much releasing, many opportunities being presented and new perspectives shining through from under the surface. Many of us felt isolated, private and somewhat withdrawn during the ninth month - and during that time we’ve been healing and preparing for what’s building up next in our life.

As we flow into October the energy is potent, intense and full of initiations as we experience very personal transformations - and on very internal levels. We may feel ripped apart emotionally, battered and bruised physically and out of control mentally. Those old energies and patterns we have been living with are breaking down on those very personal levels.

I’ve pulled some cards to help support and give us direction for this new month - let’s see (this is a guide only):

As we move through the first ten (1st-10th) days of October we may find that establishing inner peace and contentment in our life is a priority as we realize that things cannot keep going the way they have. We must peacefully take charge of the reins and steer our life in a new direction which aligns completely with our heart. A surprise situation may sting us or knock us off our feet as we give ourselves permission to let go of hurt, the past and unmanifest dreams. With no more excuses, we have to be able to move on.

The second ten days (11th - 21st) will likely bring forth a long awaited manifestation - where something we’ve desired takes form. This also ushers in a new sense of purpose and direction as our path widens, our energy levels upgrade and we move into a new phase of our life. It is cause for celebration.

As we flow through the last ten days of the month (22nd - 31st) we’re urged to hold position, trust in perfect timing and give ourselves space to grow. We can grow from holding our current position - so in other words, by maintaining our truth, our path or viewpoint will create powerful fertilizer for us to stretch and grow further. There’s a strong sense of productivity and teamwork towards the end of the month as we work together with others on a common goal or project.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports, coming to you twice weekly throughout October. You can learn more by signing up to be a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below if you’re inspired to.

Thank you to our twenty eight Temple of Balance Patrons who are able to support my work on a regular basis. You help me do what I do and I am so appreciative.

I’ve started an animal totem themed series via my fortnightly internet radio podcasts and Facebook live streams. Our next one is on Tues 11th of October at 10am Sydney time (GMT+11) with a focus on Lion as a totem, it includes a meditation to learn from Lion’s wisdom. Please look up Temple of Balance on mixlr dot com if you’d like to.

We’ve recently received a couple of new shipments of crystals which Cory has been gradually adding to the website. You can also enjoy some new ceramics, pendants and other handmade objects I am constantly creating. My next book is in the works and I’ll let you know when I have more details about it and it’s availability.

Thanks for connecting. Wishing you a safe journey through October,

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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