Message for November, sent with LOVE

Good morning,

Many of us have hit this new month running - including me, hence why this is a couple of days late in arrival.

Happy November!

I trust you find this message helpful and supportive. It includes some cards I’ve pulled for the month ahead and what is currently happening or coming up at Temple of Balance.


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October has been an interesting month. It’s been quite full of tests, tying things up and lining things up. It flew by quickly and we had to stay attentive to ensure we have kept our balance. Setbacks or ‘waiting’ have given us some extra time up our sleeves to rest, heal, catch up on tasks, continue projects etc. Quite big life tests occurred during October, and if we managed to succeed in passing them, then we may be starting November with a bunch of new challenges and tests. In many instances keeping perspective of the bigger picture has been our lifeline.


I have laid out some cards for November - let’s see what they say…

The first week in November brings highlight to our need to stay focused, attentive, keep the vision for our future strong, and avoid distractions that try and pull us down. There is a chance for upgrade and moving to a new level this week.

The second week of this month is a potential fiery time of change. We may feel motivated, or even frustrated enough to make important changes this week. These changes will likely require us to put things - especially paperwork - into order. There will likely be structured change this week.

During the third week of November we will likely have an opportunity to reconnect with that which is really important to us. Stopping still, counting our blessings and noticing what is working for us may be valuable. There is much to be grateful for.

The final week of November brings depth of emotion and depth of connection. We may finally feel satisfied, content and pleased with the efforts that we’ve made. or coming out the other side of a challenging time. There is optimism this week, as hope increases and our future looks promising.

Our theme energy for November is focused around cooperation - this will likely rear up throughout the month with other people, and also in questioning how well, or not so well, we may be cooperating with ourselves. There is a general sensitivity present this month, and we’re encouraged to flow with it, and ensure we are not getting caught in the tangly weeds of our life, but we are moving through them and doing our best to get through our days.

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Healing Energy Cards Update: I continue to be in serious testing mode, and all is currently on schedule to complete this by the beginning of Feb. We’re still on track for a mid 2022 release of the new Healing Energy Cards 2, and the upgraded Healing Energy Cards (original deck).


Online Event: 11:11 Healing Event - 12hr healing event / healing marathon - with our theme: Rise Up! If you’re inspired to make some serious time for your healing and you feel this is a good time to do so, please have a look at my upcoming 12hr healing event - where we dive deeply into our healing, release and upgrade. Link to this is below.


Solo Ceramics Exhibition: My first major ceramics exhibition has an opening event on Sat 4th Dec between 1.30pm and 5pm. It takes place at the incredible Raptor Refuge in Kettering (30mins south of Hobart). There is a discounted entry fee that applies to this event, online bookings are essential and spaces are limited. If you would love to be there, please see the link below. This exhibition will also be shared online from 8 Dec - stay tuned for details.


Online Art Class Update: Our next one is focused on the theme ‘Perception vs Reality’. I look forward to exploring how our perceptions create our reality, and create an artwork around this with you this Sat 6th Nov. You can find the link to this below.


Thank you for your continued support, especially as I know that many are experiencing financial strain at this time. Let’s do our best to keep going, to hold our head up and to weather the storms around us. The sun will shine again soon.

Wishing you a cooperative and good-flowing November,

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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