Message for November - sent with LOVE

Welcome to November - almost!

I trust you and your family are travelling through this time reasonably well and healthy. In this message you will find some guidance for this month, and some Temple of Balance goings on. Thank you for reading.

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October has been a huge month of change. Pieces of our life and the world are breaking apart. We may find ourselves in new places and experiences - even if the outside of our life remains mostly unchanged. We have changed a lot this month. There has been much to celebrate and personal achievements obtained. We’ve passed tests, overcome obstacles and found our way (or are in the process of finding it).

I’ve laid out my cards for November - let’s see what they say. Please remember this is a guide only. Keep an eye out on my facebook pages, and YouTube channel for regular cards throughout this month. Links can be found below.

The first week of November may see some of us need to step back into our private space to heal, mend and reassess our life. Taking a short break may be very much needed this week. There may be a tendency to feel off track or discouraged about the direction we are going. Using some allocated private time to reflect on this, and to get back on track may be important.

Things are looking up during the second week of this month, as we focus on a three month gratitude plan. To stop and count our blessings over the coming months will be essential to help the ‘flowers grow’ in our life - otherwise we will only notice and feed the weeds! This is a week to focus on our strengths to pull us through.

Week three of November is focused around love, intimacy and relationship connection. We may find that we work well with others this week. There is much ongoing change physically - in our body and in our life. This is a favourable week to make physical changes and set new physical plans and actions into place.

As we tie up November nature will likely call us for healing, but also to notice the thriving of LIFE. Not all is ‘dead’ around us, and this nature time feels to be reviving us from the ‘dead’ energy. This is a great week to observe while we wait for the green light to turn on.

Our theme for November is to feel deeply, listen and make new commitments in our life. It’s time to step in and commit to things like: breaking a habit, starting a new hobby, taking the next step and having a go.

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You’ll find regular support videos on my Temple of Balance Facebook page. Direct link to the video library can be found below.

Ceramic Update: I have just finished a making phase, and await the last pieces to dry. Then they will go in the kiln in a few days, and be glaze fired by the 10th of November. Although I will then be away for a week, so new pieces will be coming after the 19th of November.

My next 12hr Healing Event (online - participate in it anytime) is coming up on Wednesday the 11th of November. The theme is ‘walking through the 11:11 doorway’ and it feels to be a powerful healing around new beginnings, and shifting things in our way. If you would like more information or to join in, please see the link below.

Keep an eye on my social media networks for daily updates, cards, work in progress and support. You’ll find Temple of Balance on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube mainly.

Thank you to all Patrons and Pillar of Light Members for your regular support.

I trust you have a powerful, good flowing and focused November. I look forward to connecting with you if it so happens that our paths cross.

Much LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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