Message for November - sent with LOVE


I trust your journey through October has been kind to you and you’ve been in good flow. Remember that if you’re really struggling to cope remind yourself to be gentle - especially tender with yourself.

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October has been a fast paced and hectic month. We’ve learned how to establish a more stable sense of flow in our life, monumental changes have been made and connections deepened. Many of us have been super creative, focused and ready to open large new doors in our expanding life. We’ve also tied up loose ends which had been hovering on our ‘to-do’ list for months!

Let’s look ahead now into November. I’ve pulled some cards for each week of the month, as well as looking at the theme - so let’s see…

The first week of November feels favourable for being productive and making progress on our projects, goals and the jobs we have to do. Teamwork is likely, as others step up to give us a helping hand, or we reach out and ask for help. Our patience may be tested this week as we want change or our dreams to be in place now - let’s remember that soon enough they will arrive into our life.

Week two of November reveals great progression for us within our being and in our life. We’re mastering new skills and becoming prolific at what we’re focusing upon. This week many of us may be inspired to deeply purge and cleanse toxins and old energies from our body, mind and emotions.

The third week of November feels sunny, bright and cheerful as we’re inspired to step outside, listen and enjoy the beauty and depth of nature. This will likely be a week of manifestation - as ideas manifest, plans materialize and life feels more purposeful.

The last week in November is favourable for uncoiling ourselves and bringing a little more of who we are out of hiding. Authenticity will be a top priority (as always) this week. We’re encouraged to get serious about our self care time to help us maintain our balance.

The overall theme for many of us throughout November is to take action to move on and into new lands and shores in our life. We’re encouraged to keep moving forward and not be flattened for too long in moments of feeling fed up. Being spontaneous and taking a mental break from general life pressures, may be important for some of us to gain a refreshed perspective this month.

Stay up-to-date with the current energy as it happens via my Current Energy Reports, coming to you weekly throughout November. You can enjoy these by becoming a Pillar of Light Family Member - please see the link below if you’re inspired to learn more.

Our next Distant Healing Event - live video stream (public) - is happening on Saturday the 11:11 (11th of November) It takes place on my Temple of Balance Facebook page and details (time) will be available in the coming days.

Thank you to our Temple of Balance Patrons for November - I will be in touch early next week with your gifts in exchange for your patronage.

Our November Online Drumming Circle occurs on the first Wednesday of each month, so the November one has already happened today. Thanks to all who participated, it was extremely powerful. The next one will be on Wednesday the 6th of December - you can register anytime.

My ceramic Owl Collection was released on Monday - thank you to everyone who was inspired to add one or two pieces to their home. There are a couple of items left, and over the coming weeks I will be making more.

Currently my supportive services (readings / healings) are closed. They were to open again on Monday, however upon assessment of my schedule and obligations this month I am unable to. My books are therefore closed to services until further notice. My art services are available, and I recommend considering the support of my Pillar of Light Family - upon which I connect very personally.

Thanks for reading,

Have a safe, joyful and abundance journey throughout November and if I don’t connect with you beforehand, you’ll hear from me again in early December.

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters


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